Anyone have an updated 2.4 shapeshift Attack speed calculator?

i normally use

but i need the new one for the changes… im sure someone here as a link to a 2.4 version
would greatly appreciate it.

I have seen guys in the bugreport and feedback category section, trying to recreate the new formula. One of them is allready working on it.

From what i understand 2.4 will either use their new formula, or use the current ias calculations, using whichever is faster… Whew for a minute thought my Wolfbarb and Bear-din weren’t gonna slap fast anymore… I just shapeshift for a meme break really but still fun

No it will not, on the last PTR it was reworked to be an actual buff. There is only one formula now, and it benefits ALL weapons, not just some low level weapons that would still attack slow as hell as with the first PTR, and it would benefit zero end game weapons


This is the new updated calculator, makes pretty much all end game weapons viable with Fury, which was the original intend of the PTR:


So is the Gris wep x4 shael still going to work for super fast slaps on my Bear paladin using dual dreams? :sunglasses:

I believe Bears didn’t fare as well attack speed wise, so probably not. They gave Bear uninterruptible attack and increased defense, as they said in PTR they wanted to make Bear tanky, and werewolf faster that’s what they did

My wolfbarb using grief is still gonna slap super fast too i hope

Guess ill wait n see, like i said i only really use yhese for meme specs to change it up… But still fun to slap like 10x hits in a second as a big bear or werewolfbarb

Nope. WB now relies on Maul to gain some IAS, which dosen’t come whit the Beast RW, non Druid WB duilds going to be slow As :poop:. Exept for Bearsin whit BoS active.

As far as I could find, Wolfbarian is basically killed.
Attacks per second now capped on 4.17 instead of 8.33.

All beast build are buried.
Now have been capped at 3.13 attacks per second.

Fireclaw Druid is also seems capped at 3.13 so the 75% increased damage is laughable as they lose over half the amount of attach going from 8.33 to 3.13.

Hope I am wrong but this is the data I could find.

yeah feral rage/fireclaws got hit really hard, im not entirely sure why… as it was a major buff to fury ( outside of tomb reaver which now need 40 more non wep ias to hit 4 fames)

feral rage is pretty dead now, on druid it dropped from 7/6 frames to 9/8 frames

on barb it dropped to 11/10 from 6

bit sad as fury is very easy to hit 5 frames with now on a ton of different weapons now.

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Tbh it feels like an oversight, they just nerved a number of builds into the ground that weren’t in the top anyway, hard to believe that was their intention with the make more builds possible patch.

Wanted to make a Fireclaw Druid and a Wolfbarian this ladder and only now started checking the new shapemechanics as I failed to read the line in the patchnotes where they said only the new mechanics instead of best of both which it was before.
Not even gonna try anymore, the idea of leaving Wias behind was good imo, all these Druid shapeshift weapons that were useless on shapeshifter become of low wias could finally see at least some use, however this is not the way.