Patch 2 Druid IAS

As to Werewolf - thank you Blizzard for listening. After testing various builds the attack speed issue is fixed. More weapons are now officially viable.

As to Werebear - I haven’t tested enough.


I feel like tomb reaver can break 4F or even 3F with non weapon IAS gear

on the other hand, bear seems quite bad…


this must be why they added uninterruptable, i am terribly happy with the werewolf changes though

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I am still testing out on bear druid…It feels like Maul is almost a requirement in order to bring the speed back…however, the time between you warming up itself could be brutally dangerous…will test more on that later, and potentially with full set of gear

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is it similar to feral rage? like revving up an engine and keeping it going

Kind of…maul now gives 3% attack speed boost per charge, current testing does show that the speed does ramp up quickly as I hit more… it’s just that the first few hit is quite brutal

Wolf Barb’s attack speed got nerf under the same gear setup (Azuerath clearly not 5F anymore), have yet to test out bear sorc and other char that turn into bear using beast…my concern would be…if werebear initial speed is slow, almost all other bear class would be butcher badly…Bear asn may still have a chance with BoS…but we will need further testing.

Another issue I encounter is with Bear amazon…uninterrupted combined with the dodging…seems to have brought some issues where attack won’t work anymore due to the conflict between both. I will need more testing on that as well


what do you mean by this?

probably barbarian using wolfhowl helmet?

This, wolfhowl helmet grant werewolf to barbarian

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Werewolf is very, very fast now. Looks like the top breakpoint for Fury is 4/2/3/2/6, if my math is right. Some very quick-and-dirty testing confirms at least confirms some breakpoint exists where I’m predicting it should be. And many weapons that can’t reach that breakpoint are still able to reach faster speeds than in the current patch.

Also, I’m wondering if Fury is uninterruptible now, or I’m just not getting hit. I need to go strap on a slow shield and a slow, weak weapon to better test this.

Bear, on the other hand, is an absolute mess. It looks the like absolute fastest they can go is 7 FPA. (Some people are saying 6, but I don’t see how the math works out for that.) That’s a pretty big nerf and I don’t think the other buffs really cancel it out.

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It looks like to me that on WB the 150% IAS dosen’t even work. Maybe a bug?

I believe it’s working exactly as described. It’s just that the base FPA for the attack is so terribly bad that it’s still slow even at 150 EIAS.


  • If we assume that the wereforms are using the manform druid’s 1-handed swinging animation, the base FPA is 19 frames.
  • Set EIAS to 150
  • We get: Ceiling((256*19)/Floor(((150 + 100)*256)/100))-1 = 7 FPA

Werewolves are only doing OK because Fury is a multi-hit attack, so the base frames are effectively lower to start with, and then it got a huge buff. If you tried to do any sort of non-Fury werewolf, you’d find it just as painfully slow as the bear.

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Maul can further increas it, but it’s than madatory to every Bear build, meaning BearSorc and BearBarb will suck. I haven’t tested 2 handed weapons yet tho, those should be faster a bit.

Can soneone explain me the new IAS ?
For example the old Glorious Axe Need 65 IAS to Break 5/5/5/5/8.
Hows now?
My old char uses a Champion Axe with botd.

Would you share the calculation please?

I’m hoping a calculator gets released soon. But it will only confirm what we all know to be true from actually swinging the weapons. Bear has been nerfed.

Blizzard never releases calculations. pretty much all of the D2 formula has always been backtraced by the community

Huhh… Bearsin is actually pretty fast. Because of burst of speed I guess. But on the Bearsorc with 75% and the 95% IAS looks exactly the same speed.

yes, BoS offer decent amount of EIAS, which works very well in filling the 150% EIAS gap. the EIAS to IAS convertion formula is

EIAS = (120*IAS)/(120+IAS)

you need more IAS on gear to convert into EIAS, and each breakpoint will be requiring more and more IAS to reach the next stage. This is why classes with no EIAS support will super bad when it transforms into bear

Currently, only BoS and Fana can offer EIAS directly (no more fade for Bearsin), so I think if you want to make BearX available, Fana will be the main weapon required just to archive faster attack speed, or Faith Rogue may be mandatory.