An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers

I’ve been having this issue for 10 hours by now (xbox). For the first time, this long.

Over 24hours with same issue (ps5)…

Same with me. I join a game, play then leave, try to connect to another game (Baal run for example) and this error pops up, then I need to wait for 3-5 minutes before joining another game or I receive this error message EVERY TIME I try to connect. This is just bad.


This game is such a mess dude… it’s impossible to join games… i get this error non stop after a game is full or something like that.

Old blizzard creates a gem 20 years ago.

New blizzard manages to break it by trying to polish that gem. Incredible how bad can a big company with so much money can f***up.

I am so pissed with this game right now
This is by far the most annoying thing i got into d2r

Any update when this “Feature” will get rolled back?

Most likely when they resolve the Global Database issues to handle the amount of data/games being generated that fast. Blizzard posted a large article about it on the General forums. Sounds like they have some large programing issues to resolve to bring the old original code up to something that handles modern infrastructure and loads.

You can read the full post here. It is long and detailed.

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I get this error ALL THE TIME. It’s really frustrating

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This is seriously getting old. Join one game run through it, leave attempting to join the next, and I get the communicating to servers issue, after 1 game!

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Also having this issue.
it’s ridiculous that Blizzard can’t even get this right in 2021.
Why do they run the game servers on a raspberry pi?

i use to get this error message with just trying to create games, now joining or trying to join too many games in a row is giving me this as well. And by too many I mean literally only 2 or 3 games sometimes.

I am sure it’s blizzard placing a temporary block on you, because I can’t join ANY game, yet if I just sit there in the lobby for a minute or so I can then join games again. Yet blizzard is being deceptive I feel by giving the “check your internet connection” error message when it’s clearly them that is doing it.

I am pretty tired of blizz at this point, it’s one thing to have bad servers, but to then deliberately generate error messages to make it seem like my internet connection is the problem

Same issue here since this afternoon. Cannot join or create a game…

same issue, every failed connect triggers the error and I have to wait a few minutes until I can make another attempt to join a new game.

Happening to me at the moment, just waited a 300 que. to now sit back in a 140 cause i had no choice but to restart. Only thing that helps me get into baal runs with this is that a ton of other people are dealing with the same thing giving me a fair chance lol. Blizzard should just take the hit give everyone their money back, and make the game free. Only thing saving them at this point. (when it happens i can load into other games sometimes, it seems to be specific games idk what the reason would be though that lets me in some and not the others.)

wtf? same here. 5 days lol

Happens to me constantly i have to do reboot of the shi-tty client for every 2 or 3 game because i got the error" an issue has occurred while contacting the game servers battlenet".

Every day, every time last 14 days worser the last 7 days

i have done everything
Reinstall drivers
Reinstall netcard
Reinstall game
Swithed servers (better but still bad)

What a serious leak of waisting players time!

happens all the time… when it fails to join a game for some reason I simply can’t join or create another game.

I have to close the game and open it again to make it work

extremely annoying

Assuming the 60s delay is true, maybe a little common sense and only have it trigger if you successfully join a game? I assume that was the developers goal to temporarily alleviate the global database issues. Unless of course even a failed join on like a bad game name or full game still cornholes the database.

Yep. It’s unplayable. I guess I’ll check back after the upcoming Path fo Exile league ends. Maybe by then they’ll have it fixed.

I wish they’d at least allow us to filter the game names that are currently up. That way we could see if the next game is available, or if the current game we’re trying to join is full, or, shoot, we could see if we just typoed the game name before getting stuck for a minute and then missing the run again. This is agonizingly frustrating.

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Same issue, any failure to join a game requires a restart before I can create/join a game again. Started two days ago, I haven’t been able to keep up with public runs since.