A quick PTR / 2.5 Update

Two things I really don’t understand. Why they wouldn’t at least end season 1 so we could transfer items and have stuff to do while waiting for this perpetual PTR to end. And also, why they feel the need to treat us like children and speak almost exclusively in vagueness without giving even a semblance of a timeline. Are we supposed to thank you for finally giving us an update two days before something was supposed to change just to tell us we have to wait longer, but can’t tell us how long? REAL communication on the other hand would be greatly appreciated

thats not their fault. this is the formal forum, so they did as designed. maybe you should check it more…

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Sounds like you should go play Diablo 3.

Not putting it i to non-ladder makes them sound incredibly lazy. What a croc. Seriously could this update be any less worthwhile or unwanted. Maybe they should use company time to do something useful for once. But i wont hold my breath.


Agree. I trully want to believe they will release the patch FOR ALL MODES (non-ladder / ladder). I can’t even imagine how out of touch they could be if this is not implemented that way.

Sorry for the bad English

Just an update on PTR status. We are expecting a new PTR build next week for the community so expect notes and news about that sometime next week.

We are still on track with our internal schedules for 2.5 and will also have a Season 2 start date in the PTR notes that are posted so people can properly plan out their time well in advance of the Season 2 start.

Looking forward to the feedback on the new PTR changes.


thanks for the info <3


Thanks for the update Pez!!!

TY for the update :+1:

What if the only characters in the PTR are Hammerdins and every mob in the game is modded to be completely immune to magic?


Cheers Pez, thanks for the info!

Idk why people are thanking this guy for the update. It literally sounds like he’s trolling just to piss everybody off. I am 100% convinced at this point they will be destroying D2R purposefully so we are forced to play Diablo 4.
I wanted ladder to end as well so I can transfer all the new runewords I made to play on my main in non-ladder. Who is level 96. Who will never achieve level 99 because terror zones are ladder only. THEY TROLLING!
This is me trolling ONE DAY before this announcement:

And this is they trolling:

I thought I sounded SO absurd saying we only have 5 seconds, and was in total disbelief that the dev topped it. So now I have 0 seconds to play on my favorite character with new runewords because i’ll be playing a new homeless character in ladder. You’re right they should’ve ended ladder already but it wouldn’t follow the task of making this game unbearable as possible.


Translation: Mid October earliest.
1-2 additional weeks of PTR, 1 week between PTR, 2 weeks live until ladder starts. That’s the minimum.

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Hopefully there are some good changes. The first PTR was underwhelming.

Thanks for the update Pez! Any plans for terror zones to be added to Non Ladder? Or exclusively Ladder only? As a NL player it would be very sad to see the NL player base diminish if terror zones aren’t included.

If this update isn’t until next week, what does the update that happened today for me do?

Didn’t see anyone answer this for you but, from the notes and from playing the PTR, there is a box to select TZs when you create a game. I assume you’ll be able to filter by them as well.


I do love that you actively inform all of us. Is there anyway we could just get an acknowledgement on QoL items discussed here by a gaggle of us old heads? Even if it’s to tell us to go pound sand.

Anything, “a it’s being considered”, “it’s not feasible”, “it’s in the works for an undetermined update”. Really any of that I think would make us know where we stand.

If it’s seen as opinions that are less popular than we ourselves believe then put a survey out there and post the results.

We all just want to help make a game we all have loved for 2 decades better and better. Hopefully even as a way to help you proof of concept things for D4.

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Please make season 2 Early October atleast , also give us 14 - 20 days warning before the actual Season 2 start date

i hope we get some info regarding TZ coming or not coming to non ladder. If you absolutely cant or dont want to release TZ to non ladder along with the 2.5 patch which will probably come like a week before ladder starts because you dont want high level characters immediately jumping into terror zones before ladder players i think it would be acceptable to give TZ to non ladder after 3 or 4 weeks after ladder begins instead of 6 months when ladder ends.

By that time most ladder players will already be 90+ farming hell and terror zone feature will be tested enough and fixed if needed to avoid any unpredictable exploits that could occur if you release TZ to high lvl NL chars before ladder. I see no reason to hold back TZ to so many non ladder players like me longer than 3,4 weeks