[2.4 Patch] Pvp is compromised - Fast Hit Recovery / Stun Issue

i think he was being sarcastic ^^

Blizzard, is there a pilot in the plane ?
We need answers please.

2.6, the patch to make pvp great again and continue the legacy? Blizz plz help us make it a reality.


refreshing the topic, blizzard where are you

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all the assassins crying 20 years being tier s are now below use other characters and learn to adapt such is life


and pvp the pvp of diablo2 for 2022 is horrible the namelock is a horrible mechanic


namelock is what makes the pvp great lol

and you really think all the people posting there are assassin main ? LeL

Every class is impacted, believing its an assassin only matter is naive

what makes it big? all classes doing the same namelocks mele doing name lock caster doing weird namelocks that get thrown offscreen by the namelock horrible mechanic

Diablo’s pvp isn’t good it’s the only alternative to an endgame that doesn’t exist because it’s an old game but the game system is rusty and very unfriendly to new people coming in, there are better options on the market I hope Diablo 4 improve pvp

Glad to see this topic is still active. Sad to see the devs are still ignoring it.

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because its not about just namelocking, its about what you do once you get the namelock. I dont get your complain anw, its like complaining fps game are fps…

12/11/22 still no news about pvp fix.

Maybe next year (hopefully they don’t make it even worse instead)

they said they wanted to do something for pvp at some point, so maybe…

Maybe in 10 years who knows.

Hello Blizzard?

maybe yes maybe no

game is dying while we wait

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All us pvpers want for xmas is immunity reverted to 2.3.

Please it’s christmas, save that game ! Bring back PvP as good as it was.

New ladder comming, maybe some good changes in pvp blizzard?

The biggest problem is that they do not recognize this problem as a problem at all.

In PVM or PK in hardcore , PK was changed to be stable, but on the contrary, FHR was useless because it broke D2R’s PVP mechanism. It is best to reverse FHR, change grief’s additional damage to damage increase %, and delete the synergy skill system of all skills.

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