Spirit - Staves & Shields

I was pondering an idea for Spirit… again, this is just an idea to spark discussion. What if Spirit could be made in Staves and Shields, but no longer in Swords?

I think Spirit Shield is relatively balanced (albeit on extreme end), but the Spirit Sword overshadows just about every other caster weapon in the game until you get Hoto. And, allowing Spirit Staves could shake things up and bring more value to two-handed staves. Thoughts?

Spirit shield is balanced??? Hahahaha

What? 4 low runes for a GG item? For real?
Name the great unique and set shields that are better for caster classes.

If it were up to me, I would hit Spirit with the nerfbat. However, as most of the community is opposed to nerfs, I wanted to change the discussion and look at alternatives.

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I think spirit is fine in the types of items that it can be made in… However I think the mods could use some adjustment/variance to tone it down a bit.

Non-rune mods:
1-2 skills
FCR is fine
25-55% FHR (Needs to be for shield only)
Def vs Missles is fine.
11-22 Vitality
56-112 to Mana
Magic absorb is fine.

I agree abouting toning down Spirit, but there is so much resistance to nerfs. There has to be a solution that the majority of the community would support, otherwise the developers will simply look away.

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Unfortunately it seems the only thing that everyone would embrace would be more power and more zoom zoom. Balance has been thrown out of the window for a long time.

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reading this and after you come to me saying im complaining , idk i feel this a bit hypocrite ,because what you just say confirmed what im saying before and are agree

I didn’t confirm anything, sir. All you’ve done so far every patch is complain about everything. How can anyone take you seriously when all you do is complain? If all you are doing is looking for the bad in things, then all you will find is the bad.

yea right :thinking: you make sense

let me ask you do you something , these new patch make the glory of diablo 2 ? and fix the ( Balance has been thrown out of the window) i guess you have your answer and i dont have too add more , at least i dont complaine for nothing

You talk as if everything that has been introduced to the game is worse than terrible.

I talk as if everything about the game along with things introduced with D2:R aren’t perfect.

Please, go troll elsewhere. Welcome to “the list”.

Again, feel free to have the last word.

i have np too prove you thsi with topic on the forum about the druid change ww change faster hit recouvry , op broken necro same for sorc same with sunder charm ect… still after 2 year player ask for a share stash fore classic and a lot of topic are not from me ,

let me answer you at least im not a hypocrite , i always have something too confirm what im saying

fact let me link you

156 str requirement. 4os eth Monarchs for a lower str req are quite rare. The most important stat on Spirit, FCR, rolls on a large variance and a perfect roll is required to comfortably meet breakpoints. So the real cost of any Spirit item is the low runes + hel runes x roll attempts.

There are plenty of alternate or better options for sorc or necro. The big issue with Spirit in general is how far it goes toward hitting FCR breakpoints. The rest of the stats, while great stats, don’t carry the item nearly as much, compared to other mid range items for casters. That’s why it takes Hoto, 40% FCR, to “beat” it. Nerfing Spirit swords would brutalize caster druids until they manage to make a Hoto. More endgame runewords need mini versions, not less.

It’s not all that broken of a runeword either. So what if it requires all low runes for an end game item? The strength requirement on the lowest strength requirement base is 156. Like holy crap only the Paladin can roll a Spirit in a low strength requirement base and with 45 all resist. Hell I wouldn’t mind if Hyperion could have up to 4 sockets in the 2.6 patch. Even a 127 strength requiremnt shield with 4 sockets wouldn’t be broken even if Spirit still exist.

Well classic was the way to go, just nerf LoD away, big rollback. Or wait, D1 was better, D2 as it is is overpowered, D2R was a mistake.