WoW Remix Pandaria Character naked and missing all bags/gear

Logged into my level 63 Timerunner character Akama-Siddissi tonight and they are fully naked, with no bags and gear. Including the cloak. The cloak buff still shows up.

Only Gold and Bronze are untouched.

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i have the same thing

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This seems to be happening to several people. You will want to head to the WoW forums.

Here is the Bug Report forum thread on it.

Blizzard Blue post about the issue in Customer Support (an Information Desk).

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Same issue. Armor and weapons gone. Stuff in my bags gone. My gold and bronze are still there. bag at 20 slots only

I have the same issue as well. disabled addons (all) and i can see my stuff and gear again, no longer naked. not sure if it was the addons or if the bug was fixed.