MoP Remix Bags and Items missing

Logged out, stepped away a bit, logged back in and all my bags are gone and items in them… My gold is fine, my first bag has a few items from those other bags, and idk what to do…

(Edit) Also noticed that my helm was missing and some items tinker slots are missing tinker items i put in them…

UPDATE: So I went to a bank and transferred all items in my main bag to bank > Logged out > Logged in and noticed it repopulated my main bag with items i was missing! Repeated this process till i essentially had all my items back, however I was unable to recover my helm with meta item and any meta gear item i had found/earned


Idk…as a Goblin I got like a 1000 slot bag takes up the right side of my screen.

Just got that same bug sadly i cant seem to recover anything


I had the same issue, lost 90% of my equipment, gems, and all my timerunner bags. I got a little bit of stuff back with the logout login but it stopped giving me stuff. Hopefully they patch this.

I’ve had a similar issue after logging out and coming back on, I’ve had all bags deleted, all of my gear deleted although I’ve still have my Gold/Bronze.


Same issue here I hope this gets some attention from the blues

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Same issue here. All items missing including bags.

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Same here, I hope we get a reply soon :frowning:

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Same issue, tried the bank thing but cant transfer enough items into bank to get all back.
also lost Helmet, Wrist, Gloves, and Boots equipped.

Missing everything as well, except gold…armor, bags, inventory etc…

Logged in the morning of 5/17 and returned 8pm PST and nothing was there. Other toons from retail and remix were fine.

Level 20 Dwarf paladin, Gedar on Proudmoore. Made on 5/17 (remix toon).

Oddly, characters on armory or where you select the to post with aren’t updatng either. The toon I’m posting is ievel 70 (retail) and other toons aren’t showing as well.

Same thing happened to me upon hitting Level 20. All gear equipped deleted except for 2 items, bags gone (aside from the preliminary one), and all items gone.

Same issue. All items are gone from my character and bags. Gold is fine.

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Just had this issue happen to me, all equipped armor and weapons, the timerunning cloak, inventory items, bags were gone when I logged in, only thing still there was gold and bronze.


My looted gear won’t show up in my bags.

Edit: Turned off Bagnon addon and all my stuff appeared

Same issue happened to a friend of mine, hes lost everything

Yep lost every single item in my inventory as well as the gear equipped on my character. All currency is still normal

Same here character is completely broken now, what is going on?

Same here. Would like some official feedback from Blizz

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Just went to log in and play some remix and same problem. All bags, items in bags and my toon is naked.

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im having this problem since yesterday, lost all my items on my monk