All gear gone

Shalom…I hit lvl 33 today while playing at work. (MoP Remix) I get home and get back on only to see that everything in my bags are gone, the bags themselves are gone, and ALL my gear is gone. Even the CLOAK is gone. I know nothing hacked. All my other characters are fine. The gold on the Remix character is still there, the bronze I earned to date is still there…just ALL gear, bags, items, gems, and such are gone. How do I get a new cloak?


This is a wierd bug that crops up and could be this bug it usualy clears up with next daily maintence id also post in bug forums.


Soooo be forced not to play for 5 days…thats not acceptable

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Daily not weekly moring.

I have the same issue, all gear and bags are gone


Same here. Glad to see its not just me, but not happy to be without that character. Was looking forward to a day of grinding. (FWIW I put in a ticket)

This might be a bit different, as it is hitting a lot more folks. QA and the Game Team is looking into it and hope to have a resolution soon. In the meantime, as a possible workaround, try logging out for about an hour then when you log back in click on the inventory gear slots.

I’m afraid there is little that our staff can do in this case, Patalia.


Thats fair at the time it seemed fairly isolated.

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Agreed. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those for a while, but it looks like this one is a bit more widespread. I don’t know when a resolution can be implemented but the note I received about it appeared confident they could get it sorted.


Whats the timeframe on fix?

As I mentioned previously, I don’t know when a resolution can be implemented. We aren’t generally able to provide timeframes or estimates.


Adding my voice here. My MoP Remix character is now also devoid of all inventory and equipped items.

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I appreciate it, Helgrave, but it would probably be best to stick to the thread in the Bug Report forum. QA and Dev teams will pull from those threads if they need samples. :slight_smile:


For anyone finding this thread, it appears the deleting your character and then immediately restoring it solves this - for now.

Though, be aware the character restoration has a 7-day cooldown, so hopefully it doesn’t happen again within that time-frame.

Here is a link to the bug report thread: Items/Gear deleted on MoP Remix - #14 by Helgrave-thrall


I had this bug happen to me as well. The Mop Remix buff is removeable for a split second as well. I am unsure if this might have caused the bug (as i messed around with clicking off the buff yesterday).

Well as vrak stated post in bug forums where this feedback will be passed along.

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I just want to say this must not be fixed yet because I logged on today and this has happened to me too.

And same advice applies file a bug report if u havent.


I just got hit with this bug as well. Logged in and everything is gone.

This still seems to be something they are working on - and it’s sporadic at best.

Those can be hard to pin down.

One work-around that seems to help is a little dangerous if you don’t pay attention to this very very important caveat - and why we hesitate to suggest it.

NOTE: Character deletions have a cool-down

Many have reported that deleting and self-restoring a character can help, but again, do NOT do that if that service is on cool-down.