World Server is down

Game crashed on zepplin to dragonflight - can’t get back in, keeps saying “world server is down”


Please use the WoW forums for issues in that game.

The forum here is for technical support on the Battle.Net Desktop App.


I’m also unable to log in with every attempt I get kicked out and get the same message: “World Server is Down”.


im having the same issue on agent dawn

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Same for my my wife and my child, all of us are on Garona. All three of us are trying to log in (my character made it to Dragon Isles, my child and wife still on OG). It gets to 3/4 and gives us the error message, “World server is down”.

Please reply to this thread if you are having the same issue to get it resolved faster.


I also am having the same issue. Tried on 2 separate characters, one gets to the end of loading bar but stops and says World Server down, the other gets about 1/2 way thru.

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I have been trying for 15mins and get the same error no matter what toon/ continent I tried logging into -World Server Down

my main character is stuck in Torghast, I tried exiting, turning off all add ons, restarting, making sure all drivers were up to date and I keep getting stuck in loading screen. Then it will let me load a character for a few min and I get a world server message is down. This happened with Pre Patch launch too. On Guldan

I am also having trouble getting in. I am on the Lightbringer server.

Oh FFS you sorted this years ago - Server Down for an hour and I resubbed for this !


I tried to use portals to other areas, and they don’t work either. Boats to other islands don’t work either. No word from Blizz either.

For me only one character is locked out… i can log into any other character but my mage won’t log in sayin “world server is down” as well

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yea i cant log in world server is down thats all i get

Lothar is the same, World Server Down. My Toon took the portal and is stuck in between areas. The game will not load and says world server is down.

World server down for me on Frostmourne but not others

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stuck in dragon isles can log into stormwind but the boat is gone and the charater that did make it cannot get back online … world server down …

Got to play like 20mins, then logged to send myself some gold on another character… for proffs. Barthilus and Frostmourne are dead, cant log in. Another stirling launch from Blizzard! This does not bode well for returning players who were sick of BFA and SL and left.

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After 6pm the boat showed up but no one could get on. At about 6:05 I saw the boat just sitting on the horizon and flew out to it. Just before I got to it, it vanished. I took a hard left to Westfall and the Fatigue bar just kept ticking down. Next thing I know I am disconnected and the boat shows up ad my wife gets on it. Once I am able to log back in I am dead in the water. I make my way back to the dock, there is a portal, I take the portal and the game wont load from there. Fun Times

I too am having the same problems on server Hyjal