World Server is down

I was on my Dracthyr on Lightbringer, and I tried to relog because of a pet battle glitch…
So much regret.

On tich, getting the same messgae.

When will Blizz start compensating players for failed launches and wasted time ? If you pay for services not rendered IRL you get a refund. Its bad enough we pay for expansions, why make us pay for the failure of this company??

I enjoy the game and nothing in life is free but sometimes i think we are nothing but money to these guys.


It seems all the characters in orgrimmar cant log back in .
My character in oribos made it through

Having this issue on Thrall

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same here i am on daggerspine i was on at 1pm pct logged off just logged back on and got half way loading my charcter and then it ssys world server is down

Does this include actually going to the Dragon Ilse? or just getting more people into the game so they too can stand at the docks with disappointment in their eyes?

Same issue. The game now says they know there’s some problems and they’ll keep us “updated” - which we all know is bogus. There is no such thing as information from them, all they know to do is tell us to move our conversation to a different “forum” so they don’t have to deal with us…

I have tried all mine said the same thing world server is down. tried going into a new one and changing time zones and says the same thing. it sucks cause dragonflight released today on my birthday and that’s what I’ve been waiting on to play and work to lvl 70 on 2 chars.

I wonder if Blizzard will ever have a successful launch…total failures as usual.


Yes, one character for me as well.

3 of us in the same house on 3 different machines. We all made it to the Isle, grabbed our 3 quests, and started out. Two of us are in, one got booted and is getting this message. Going on 25 minutes of relog attempts. Not hopeful.

Ok well it’s not letting my dh in when is this getting fixed

stuck on ship, cant make it to the dragonisle’s this is happening to alot of people am i right?

To so, so many people

used the portal, got through on the second attempt.

World Server down I cant believe this crap

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It’s really hard to understand how this can happen, thought we were past this.

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I take it we arent getting the game back online anytime soon? I picked a real bad time to come back to WoW. I havent even bought Dragonflight yet and I cant log in either. Which means they took the servers down themselves?

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Got to level 62 then got a terrain dc while landing dragonriding, world server is down can’t get backonline, grats blizz launch day ruined.

Reminds me when i had the same issue happen during WOTLK espansion. My guild buddies where in.
I was out for 1h…later during the day i was speed runing to get a 1rst server acheivement for balcksmithing, got 2nd, missed it by 10 min…
Was so pissed