World of Warcraft Classic API Endpoints

Greetings Developers!

We are excited to announce the release of additional World of Warcraft Game Data API endpoints with the launch of World of Warcraft Classic!

Below we’ve linked additional documentation for our developers:

One thing to note for all the following endpoints is that the static namespace for WoW Classic data is static-classic-{region}, where {region} is one of: us | eu | kr | tw | cn.

Playable Race:{id}?namespace=static-classic-us

Playable Class:{id}?namespace=static-classic-us{id}?namespace=static-classic-us

This endpoint is currently not linking out to an icon asset. We are working on resolving this, but do not have an ETA at this time.

Power Type:{id}?namespace=static-classic-us


Item Class:{id}?namespace=static-classic-us{id}/item-subclass/{id}?namespace=static-classic-us


Creature Type:{id}?namespace=static-classic-us

Creature Family:{id}?namespace=static-classic-us{id}?namespace=static-classic-us

Guild Crest:{id}?namespace=static-classic-us{id}?namespace=static-classic-us

Please feel free to post any feedback, comments, or questions here!

Happy World of Warcraft Classic launch, Developers!


Fantastic to see and it’s great how quick they’ve been put up :grinning:

In the future, will we see endpoints for information about players and their gear, talents, honor rank/kills etc?


And how about realm info ?
Could be great to retrieve the realm list with locales etc.


Thanks for the update. Cool stuff.

Item stats would be very helpful (same goes for retail, too).

What I’m also quite interested to see is a list of which random enchants each randomly enchanted item can have. (Not just a list of all random enchants, but that e.g. item 9788 can have random enchants 24, 97, 587, 588, 589, etc.) AFAICT that’s not in the game data and is server-side only. Think of it like listing the chance bonus lists on retail. :wink:

Also, realm list (with login queue count+wait) would be very useful.


Thank you for the quick API for Classic Release. Now my guild can have some nice personalized info for our site!

Thank you for those new API for Classic !
Like @Lenwe and @Erorus i would like the realm list with login queue count and wait time.

I would absolutely love it if there was a statistics API for Classic. I really want to make an app showing realm class/race/gender distribution, population, etc. General random stats such as “Most killed NPC”, “Ragnaros kills”, etc would be absolutely amazing.
The more statistics data the better!

These endpoints are not very useful. How about some live stats and data rather than basic static data reads?


I’m sorry but there are so many other ways to respectfully state your discontentment with those endpoints. Just saying the endpoints released in the same week as the launch aren’t useful does not bring good elements to the discussion.

Those endpoints are actually very useful for item database websites, race and class details for tutorial sites, guild emblem online editor and many others.

I understand those endpoints are very limited compared to the retail version, but before criticizing the web API team it is important to understand the reason behind. For instance in this statement from WoW Classic Team ( they say the armory feature is unwanted at launch.

Perhaps a better place to bring the discussion about those features is the WoW Classic forums.


At least you pre-emptively apologized before subjecting us to your bad post

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I agree with Schiller.
Blizzard is doing a great job with providing us new APIs for a lot of things. For free!

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Please give us an API for guild info - would be great to have a list of my members. I really want to incorporate them into a Discord bot…


Blizzard, will there be any plan to expose the current community endpoints from retail such as the Auctions? Would like to have this available. Is there any way to hit the classic realms from those endpoints or are they not agnostic?


Great! Is there any plan to open an Auction view only endpoint?


My users also require auction for the classics. Please add auctions API, otherwise I will drown in bad reviews =(

Would be good to have an auction API in classic (like in retail) too. Are there any plans to do this?


Would be nice to have classic endpoints for characters and guilds in the near future. :blush:

Definitely the number one thing I want right now, being able to OAuth identify characters, and authorize them for services based on guild affiliation.