Classic WoW API

When classic wow goes live, will classic wow data be accessible through the existing wow APIs? Or will there be a separate endpoint? Or will there be no API available at all for classic?


I’d like to know this as well. I am planning to come back to WoW with Classic, and am interested in experimenting and developing with the game data.

The are some information over the unofficial discord. I won’t reproduce the conversation here as I was not directly participating in the conversation, but I would recommend taking a look over there if you have the time.

an api is planed BUT no time line has been given and posting asking for one would just waist dev time for them they will announce something when ready

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Nice useless comment, “MVP”.
I was marking my question with a definitive answer, something that is useful for a knowledge base, which this forums partially serves. Sorry if that offended you!


Thanks to this post Elerius, I was able to find the information I was looking for !