World of Warcraft Classic API Endpoints

yeah, part of me want this to be the only endpoint for Classic, to keep the classic spirit :wink: But I also see that other stuff can be very nice. If it was even a temporary one, that is very simple, just for this, it would solve all of my urgent wishes at least!

Is there any way to get all items?
Something like: /data/wow/item/index

There is no official index, but I have this repo with some compiled API data that might help you out:

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Thanks! Is it for Classic version?

Oops, didn’t see it was about classic, but I think I have classic data too, I’ll check that and upload later today.

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I updated the repo with classic items now, some localized names are missing but that is just how I got the data from the API. This is a dump from a month ago, some things might have changed.

Schiller, Thanks a lot !! How you got that data? Via /item/{id} endpoint and brute force ids?

Maybe he extracted the clients db2 data - and added the missing data from the games cache files. For drop lists and npc locations you need a crawler addon, because this data is not provided by the cache and db2 files.
That’s the way how you normally build a wow database. Or he just crawled wowhead. But that’s not recommended, cause of possible blacklisting of your ip(s) for heavy traffic/access. :wink:

Exactly, I iterated over the main item API endpoint and then request the other data using the IDs I found.

ZAM is right, if you need a more complete database you need to use other approaches, there are already lots of tools out there for those game file databases.

This data is part of and I focus only in the API exposed data.

Great data set! I was wondering if this is also available with the item icon name?

Yes, the assets.tar.gz contains all the icons referenced by the item media endpoint. You can get the icon name using regular expressions from the item_medias.csv.

Hi Schiller) May be u have idea how to get armor, weapon items stats (like agility, stamina, etc.)

Right now you can’t get that kind of info using only the classic API. I suggest creating a separate topic on the forums for this discussion so we don’t move too far from the original subject.
You might wanna join the API discord as I was discussing this with Drogos 2 days ago, might have some useful info over there.

For example, I created a “separate topic” (CLASSIC! Auction house APIs) where no one even tried to answer me. More than a month…

I have to come here every day in the hope that “your grace” will be able to write a few words

Oxxxymiron the only reason I asked Ellendil to create a separate topic is because I have some information and ideas to share that might help solving the problem but is not related to the classic endpoints.

I saw your topic before, I still don’t have anything to contribute and I seriously doubt anyone can say anything helpful on that matter. Only a Blizzard developer can truly answer if an endpoint will be implemented or not.
Meanwhile you might wanna have a look at this topic since there is a mention for a future AH endpoint.

it seemed to me that you are a “Blizzard developer”, sorry

Don’t worry about it, but unfortunately I’m not :slightly_frowning_face: . Once we have more info about it I’ll reply to your post to let you know.

Hi, did you get any api information for the classic AH?)

Unfortunately, no updates for Classic yet.

Maybe now? =)
there is some kind of information of vanula AH API?