Why downloading a patch is so slow

i have fiber internet 1000gbps internet speed all other game launchers from steam to gog and even uplay have downloads speed ranging from 50-100 mega per seconds download speed either its a patch or a full game,even downloading from browsers from random website is faster…

but the battlenet launcher by blizzard owned by the giant activision is struggling to give me more than 6 mega per seconds and even drop to the kilo per seconds(what are we back in the early 2000’s?!)

and dont give me the situation blah blah blah excuses just 5 days ago i bought rdr2 on epic game launcher the launcher everyone loves to hate and the download rate never dropped below 26mega and it peaked at around the 70’s.

the way the download speed are the lowest in the business is unacceptable especially when its their game call of duty modern warfare(that you cant purchase anywhere else on pc)that requires a 30gb patch every few weeks,and to add insult to injury this game single player content also need a constant internet connection,in other words if the game is not patched it cannot be accessed!

this is bad way to fight piracy by punishing your customers,meanwhile if i had the game on a console the patch would have finished downloading in 40 minutes max!

i regret buying this game just because of that.

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