Update failed - Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000960

When trying to update Warzone I get the follow message:

“Whoops! Looks like something broke. You could try restarting Battle.net
Error Code : BLZBNTAGT00000960”

Un-installing both Battle.net + Warzone does not fix the issue.
I really can’t believe Blizzard is staying completely silent about this issue…especially since I see a lot more people complaining about the same error message (even though some have a different error code number, the problem is the same).

Please come with a solution for this problem, because every other game (trough Battle.net) is working just fine and thus the only game I can’t play is Warzone.


Did you find a fix to the problem? Mine is doing the exact same thing.

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ive been having the same code for the last couple days as well.

same issue here with me …

same issue here with me …

yeh been having the same issue here aswell, really frustrating

same i have uninstalled the game and stuf searched it online but nothing seem to fix it i hope they fill fix this soon

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Same here. Nothing is working. I don’t have the time for this. Blizzard, fix this now.

If anyone is from Canada and has rogers try using a VPN, to anywhere even your same province, this fixed my issue, which was not even letting me re install the battle.net app, this also fixed many other issues, like interruptions, discord pics not loading, seems like a lingering ROGERS issue.

I was having the same issue a few hours ago. I ran a windows update and installed the cumulative update, after the restart it’s working just fine. KB5014668 is the update for windows 11

Même problème pour wow classic bc

BLZBNTAGT00000960 i try everything

Same issue, I was also unable to uninstall the APP so I had to follow

Now with it removed I am trying to install it again and stuck at downloading files from the app, also tried running the installer as admin but it cannot pull the files it seems.

Same issue, please fix blizzard.

Hi, I am facing error BLZBNTAGT00000960
Help me please
A few days ago, this problem did not exist for me at all!


Same issue here. Warzone will not update, repeatedly throws this error

Same problem here. Multiplayer works, warzone not so much

Same, please fix blizzard.

FYI: No solution as of yet… (no blue response either for that matter)

Hi there friends,

I know that this error is not a fun thing to deal with and hope we can get each of you back in. This error happens from time to time and we have a few threads on this. The most recent one here does have some fixes that help for others, I would check it out and feel free to post back here. Warzone BLZBNTAGT00000960 error won't update - #2 by Joynueer

We only want to get you in and playing. I hope that thread helps. :slight_smile:


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