Update download speed stuck at 100-300 KB/s

Insane. I have a 1gbps internet connection and download games at 80 - 100 megaBYTES a second on Steam and yet here I am unable to download a MW2 patch at anything greater than 400kbps here in Australia. Thanks Blizzard, should’ve bought the game on steam.


Same as everyone above. Just ran a speed test, 475 MB/s dl and 225 MB/s up. This launcher is doodoo. Regret not buying this on steam.


Same story here.
389mbps down, 200+ mbps up on my PC. Non-Bnet games download fine.

It’s literally just Battle.net displaying it’s superior Blizzard level of quality.

I’m just going to wait for 2 weeks like I did with OW2 and save myself some frustration.
Good luck!

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WHAT THE F*** IS THIS??? I wan’t my money back this is out rageous how are you gonna put out a fing 50-60 gb update for people that have already downloaded the whole game and bought it and have a shy 16 gb update for people playing for free. Make it make sense… Plus why is this s** stuck at KBps??? You guys EARNED OVER A BILLION DOLLARS within TWO FING WEEKS but can’t afford proper fing servers??? Are you guys located in bangladesh or something for this to occur??? You’re a billion dollar company with servers that are worse than indian scammers… FFS!!!


Same problem. Stuck at 100-400 kb/s. Launcher is updated/restarted. Everything else I run is fine with 200/100 mb/s connection.

None of that will help. It’s the launcher/servers. Your copy and paste tier 1 tech support option is a poor attempt at customer service. “Oh it’s on your client end”… no it’s on the server end.


same issue for hours now and I honestly do not know what to do.

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Same in germany, 10kb/s xDDD what a joke since 3 weeks i couldnt donwload cod

For those questioning today.

Since the release of Warzone 2 everyones download or updates are being throttled

We all just suffer together with KB/s Speeds :slight_smile:

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I found a solution! . . . Download Warzone 2 from Steam. . . I am sitting here watching Battlenet fail at 21 KB/s with Steam right next to it downloading at 35MB/s . . .

Activision Blizzard cannot do anything right and absolutely does not care about their customers as long as they are getting their money.

Somebody really needs to lead a charge on getting everybody to sell their stock and make their company’s value hit the ground. Maybe then they will gain a little bit of humility.


try downloading from Steam

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It is impossible to download any game, at first it takes an eternity to start downloading, and when it does, the download goes at 100-300 kb/s. I have done everything blizzard technical support has done to fix it, clean %folders%. Fix the launcher, because it’s ******* garbage right now.


Same here, for me it’s a max of 80 KB/s. I have tested my internet and been able to download other things on other launchers as well. So that means it’s only battle.net

useless. only Blizzard/battle.net!! every time…

same problem here…downloading warzone 2.0 with 313 B/s…

Same. Every time there is a big release the servers grind to a halt, useless!

Having the same problem. Internet speed is super fast.

Same issue. Tried everything. No issues anywhere else - Steam, streaming, download/upload tests.

Uninstalled/reinstalled Bnet.
Changed server zones from NA to EU and back to NA.
Scan and Repair fails (error code) - for some reason this temporarily boosted speeds from 1-2MB/s to 8MB/s for about 5ish minutes.
Updated all drivers.
Updated all anti-virus/windows updates/etc.

yup battlenet client is dogsh1t. why i purchased MW2 on steam. never have the issues on there.

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Same, they should be embarrassed that Blizzard in Q4 2022 can’t have a proper server setup. What a laughing stock.

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