Update download speed stuck at 100-300 KB/s

Title. Tried multiple download speed apps to make sure it’s not on my end and it’s not. Everything works flawlessly for downloads outside of the Battle.net app. I’ve also tried every fix I could find in the forums and every single YouTube video solution and absolutely nothing helps… I’d really appreciate it if anyone has found a working solution because I’m out of ideas on how to fix this. Cheers.


Might be unrelated. but my guess is that their whole network is slow. my battle.net client didn’t start up today. so closed it down. after starting it again. i got a ‘dll missing error’. so after trying a repair. which was stuck at ‘updating battle.net’. i uninstalled it. with the new installation. it is now at 80% after 1 hour of installing battle.net.


There could be a number of potential causes contributing to slow downloads within the battle.net desktop application. Usually it is a bad network setting or cached data somewhere but there are other potential causes.

Try doing an extended power cycle on your system. Turn off all devices including the modem. Wait 30 minutes, turn on the modem, wait 5 minutes, turn on any network devices, wait 2 minutes, turn on your computer and try the game.

You can try switching your DNS settings to use a free public DNS servers instead of your ISPs Servers:

We do not have individual steps for specific modems or routers so if you need assistance accessing or updating the devices, contact the device maker/provider.

Sometimes firewall or routing software/hardware will have some advanced settings to prioritize and manage types of network traffic. Normally that is not an issue but we have seen situations where it can interfere with the delivery of the data for our games/voice chat.

Let’s try turning off these features:

RoG (ASUS Routers Only)
Security firewalls (Some ISP provided modems)

Not all devices will have these options and the steps for turning these functions off will be different depending on the make/model/software version of the devices and programs involved. If necessary look at the documentation for your security and routing products to find out how to turn these options off.

In some cases there is a corrupt or misconfigured setting within the router or modem. We cannot say what that might be offhand but the easiest way to resolve these conflicts would be to factory reset the router and/or modem.

You may need to look up your specific model for the steps on how to do this and in some rare cases you may need to have this done by the ISP. Feel free to reach out to them for assistance if necessary.

Let’s manually clear the Battlenet Desktop Application and all supporting data from the system. This will not remove existing game clients.

  1. Open file explorer/file manager (Right Click Windows Start)
  2. Navigate to the folder where the desktop application would normally be installed. Delete that folder if it exists (usually program files x86)
  3. Type the following into the address bar (not the search bar): %APPDATA% and press enter.
  4. Delete the Bnet and blizzard folders inside the appdata folder if they exist.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with %PROGRAMDATA% %LOCALAPPDATA% and %TEMP%
  6. Empty the recycle bin.
  7. Now reinstall the app to the C: Drive.

Try running your system in selective startup mode: https://battle.net/support/article/200483

Create a new administrator account: Creating a New Administrator Account - Blizzard Support

Once the account is created, shut down the computer, wait 60 seconds, restart, log into the new profile and try the app/client.


my download speed stuck at 30kb for 3 days now

speeds are fine otherwise
just borked for battlenet



Same. Been trying for a few days now to re-install battle.net after sudden error saying .dll missing. No luck yet, it just gets to 80 percent or so and stops.
I was running game temporarily from .exe file in retail folder for a couple days but the game must have had an update because now all realms on wow say incompatible and I can no longer play. I am trying to reinstall bnet …again…and it’s going ridiculously slow and most likely it will not complete. They must see that many are having this issue. It’s not on our ends. Submitted ticket. Want to play game I pay for. Thanks

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i got it fixed (?) by logging out and switching from EU region to US region and the download speed jumped up instantly to near maximum



My speed was low for a WoW update, doing a “scan and repair” fixed it for me.

Same problem here, tried different server but no luck. Happened after last application update

Didn’t do me any good :frowning:

Internet it’s perfectly fine in general. Downloads over other platforms are perfect, as well as any test I’ve run via cmd or speedtests. How can we solve this issue? I’ve tried to re-install battlenet, no joy


Me and my friend also have this problem, i tried changing to US and the speed jumped up.
Everything else works fine, only bnet EU updates are super slow, mine was 5-10KB/s on EU and 7MB/s when i switched to US. So this have to be a blizzard problem. Had the game since TBC and this have never happened before.

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im having this problem. its definitely a battlenet issue as other games on battlenet download at 20mbs but the new cod is stuck at 320kbs

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Absolutely something goofy on BNET’s end. CoD update was stuck on 30KB/sec (we have 250Mbps connection hardwired). Quit the app, then upon restarting the app, it would fail to launch completely. Uninstalled BNET launcher, and now the reinstall process is going about 1% every few minutes. JUST TO INSTALL A LAUNCHER?!?


Ok guys I’ve just resolved this problem by changing the server location to (public test region) and it worked so much, Idk if anyone can fit it by doing this but can be a nice try!

I was experiencing this issue too, with downloads occuring between 30 KB/s and 400 KB/s. I seems disabling “Limit download bandwidth” under Settings > Downloads allows the downloads to occur at full speed. (The limiter for Latest Updates was set at 7680 KB/s (or 7.5 MB/s).)


My internet is 500mbps but battle.net is only using 300kbps and below on updates even though everything else like steam epic games ect all download fine and I’ve tried everything, restarting my pc, logging out, uninstalling, cmd, control panel no matter what i do it just wont update with any speed at all


Been there, done that. Played MW earlier today, no probs. Closed it. Clicked to play Cold War, notified me it was updating at an incredible 8/kbps…after lots and lots of minutes, I noticed it magically jumped to normal speeds in the megs. But it dropped again after just a few moments. I let it run and got a sandwich. Got back, was notified it was all good. BUT…now Cold War will not load. Error code 0xC0000005 (0x0) N Sent the crash ZIP file via Google Drive…still waiting…


I experienced very low speeds and virtually no progress when the Battlenet client was updating at the same time the game was. The game would update until the Battlenet client was done downloading in the background and at that point the game update would stop. Restarting Battlenet I would get “Battle.net.13747\libcef.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error”. I believe that because the new update would not launch, the older client would just sit there.

I’m on Windows 10 LTSC and the following fixed it for me:

  1. Go to Windows Update
  2. Install the optional update “2022-09 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 21H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5017380)”
  3. Reboot
  4. Delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\Battle.net.13747 folder one last time
  5. Launch Battlenet

Those step didn’t work for me… Now im stuck at the installation process of the launcher… 73% of the installation and its block…

I am Having the same issue as well as other friends of mine