Unable to download anything bnet related for months

For months now I have been unable to download or update any games from bnet even after reformatting my SSD and reinstalling windows 10 pro. Anytime I click install it just stays stuck waiting or bnet icon spinning after clicking install.

I’ve tried various methods to fix this while looking online for months but am finally about to give up.

Hey Jostin,

I noticed you have Comcast as your internet provider. There’s an ongoing issue affecting certain router/modem devices provided by Comcast, and our Blizzard engineers are looking into it. Check out this forum post for more info and workarounds:

I will look into it but I own my own personal modem and do not lease one from Comcast. Seems like my TP link modem is a concern,

Heya Jostin,

In some cases I have seen a factory reset on the modem/router help resolve similar issues without having to replace the device. Have we already tried this?

If you’re not sure how, please be sure to check the manufacturer website for info.

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@Jostin, would you happen to have the TP-Link Archer CR700 router model? This is one of the models we often see with the Comcast issue. Our team is looking into this on our end to see if there may be something we can do or reach out to Comcast for.