StarCraft II KR league endpoint returns stale data


After the new season (47) started most problems with stale data was resolved but the league endpoint in KR got stuck again and returns stale data (since 2021-04-06).

For example this URL returns only 3 ladders which is clearly way too few one week into the new season.

I have examples of players that reported this to me as well, the ladders they are in are not appearing in the API. I will not publish their ids due to privacy reasons, DM about this if needed.

Edit 2021-04-16: Now KR ladder data is stale as well.


I second this. In my case, KR returns stale data from the beginning of the season.
Iā€™d like to add that KR region had a lot of problems in the previous season, some of them are still not resolved.


Now NA and EU regions also return stale data.