StarCraft II KR league endpoint returns stale data


After the new season (47) started most problems with stale data was resolved but the league endpoint in KR got stuck again and returns stale data (since 2021-04-06).

For example this URL returns only 3 ladders which is clearly way too few one week into the new season.

I have examples of players that reported this to me as well, the ladders they are in are not appearing in the API. I will not publish their ids due to privacy reasons, DM about this if needed.

Edit 2021-04-16: Now KR ladder data is stale as well.


I second this. In my case, KR returns stale data from the beginning of the season.
I’d like to add that KR region had a lot of problems in the previous season, some of them are still not resolved.


Now NA and EU regions also return stale data.


It happens again and again. Just previous season there was a period like more than a month long that the API returned stale data. And now this season again a huge period of time the API is not working correctly.
@Blizzard : Please fix the issues once and for all!


I second this, please work on a fix for the API issues. It’s a pretty important part of community tournaments


I already posted when it previously happened, so I’ll try not to repeat myself too much but please fix the issue as soon as possible. The API is extremely important for amateur events to ensure fairness of competition.

Something else to keep in mind is that it’s very important for this kind of events to keep a consistent schedule to allow more players to discover the tournament as well as keep them motivated to practice over time. Some of the players who participated in such tournaments a year or two ago have grown to become GMs and are now the newcomers you can see in major events. But with the repeating API issues, time and time again we have to put our tournaments on hold, often for long periods of time.

But it’s not just the amateur scene. feardragon’s Ladder Heroes which gives weekly prizes to top ranked players is affected by this as well. I hope we can bring both back soon.


Why isn’t anything happening? I don’t understand, Blizzard! This fix should take five minutes. Have you abandoned SC2 forever? Remember that even though this is free to play nowadays, many people actually bought the games, and the product we bought - and the community we were promised - doesn’t work.


This issue resonates in NA and EU too. Min MMR required per league is also swapped between EU and NA.
Blizzard, please, do your job.


Why doesn’t Blizzard even have brief feedback? How much longer do I have to wait.


Come on Blizzard,
SC2 communitiy needs you! Please fix the issues with the stale data returned by the api.


SC2 is dead boys, F.


Blizzard please! I don’t want to keep taking time out of my day to write posts in threads like these. This issue has happened in the past and was resolved, and yet persists again now. Please maintain your systems. Without passing judgments as to whether you care about your games or your communities, rest assured that we, the community, do care about this game and if we could, we would fix the problem ourselves!

But we can’t, so the burden must fall to you. Please do not prove yourselves inept. Surely you are capable of handling this. Now do it.



Please fix this issue


Are we talking to ourselves here? Blizzard, this is not a request anymore, you have a responsibility with this game and this community.

The entire API is returning stale data, at least one endpoint is not working, min MMR per league is swapped between NA and EU. This is a disaster, and you can fix it in one day.

Please, do your job.
Thanks, in advance.


I support the suggestions that have been proposed in this post.


More support for this - please fix the API. Want to see where I’m ranked.


The people in my clan have all been waiting patiently for Blizzard to fix the API. Trying to stay lighthearted but it’s a bit disconcerting that it’s taking so long. Our community and the tools it runs on need it!


As I see some cases here, there are no Bliz employees here, so they are not responsible for the issue resolving. Can’t imagine how much time it can take.


Hello? This is important. Please update us. Also some of us are ranked Bronze while others Masters. Something happens at every season beginning that has skewed rankings and no data returning from the API.


Pls fix this Blizzard. Every New Season this happens, last season it happens in NA, this time in EU. Also the MMR to reach the next tier/league just changed. It’s just a little thing, but very important for a lot of us players.

Thank you!