May 2020 - Diablo II Server Issues/CD Key in Use/Failure to Connect

Lots of people are having this issue for the past 10 hours. at 6 am EST , lots of people on USEast got cd stuck in use, according to a diablo 2 discord server. Please reset the server.


Vouch. Can we get some kind of update on what’s going on? I wasn’t able to login for 3 hours yesterday with this issue and it just came back again but only lasted a few minutes. Many people I play with dropped at the exact same times as well.

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My son and I are having the same problem

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same here… what is this :S

Same. Was in lobby overnight, disconnected when I looked at the game this morning. CD Key has been in ‘use’ since, tried a computer restart and a modem. Reset the server!

This has been an issue for at least 24 hours now.


Click support - contact support - create a web ticket. If you cannot find diablo 2 select diablo 3 and put your problem in the description and mention it is diablo 2 issue.


this is true and it says this for all realms east/west Asia ect

Same problem here. I even bought a 2nd CDkey, I was able to play an hour or so, then said Connexion Interrupted, and then te same problem happened again. CDkey used by myself.

will it been like 12 hrs now and no B-NET and no help from blizzard but hey I got to up my phone that a win lmfao

Hey folks, server stats on Diablo 2 look kinda weird right now. Giving this a look.

@femmefatal - Are you currently online? If so, can you log off and reply back?

Edit May 7: The latest update on this can be seen here:

we buy the game from you blizzard and cd key code but it been the some bs for last 20 or so yrs if it not this it some thing else I we want is help and we don’t get nothing back

It ain’t just me it’s like thousands of players. Restart USEast.

im not online ? it been all day try to get some help here ? wtf

I’m a forum support agent so I don’t have that capacity, though I poked someone about this already. It looks like some folks are stuck online however. It should resolve in 24 hours in most cases. Mostly asking you to hop offline so I can test something.

We can’t get online to log off.

Perfect, that confirms what I was curious about, just didn’t want to do this if you were online so I don’t kill a hardcore character.

Try again now?

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wow that is magic. Thank you. Everyone else posting here has the same problem ;( When does your servers do auto restarts?

It varies frankly. Thanks for testing that for me! Going to speak with some folks. The rest of you who posted in this thread please retest your account and let me know if you get the same error.

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Just tried again on classic, same issue.