Mass Reported the day before naxx in SoM

I was mass reported and banned for hacking the day before nax dropped. I do a lot of world pvp on Jom Gabbar, it is a pvp server after all and guess a lot of people were worried since you can’t safespot summon into naxx like AQ. I reached out to support and got the automated response. No human will hear my case. I made a new account just to make sure it wasn’t warden picking anything up on my computer. This reporting system is seriously flawed. I had 15 years of my life in this account. I spent a year playing SoM daily and got perma banned the day before finishing it out. A quick google search shows this is a massive problem I never knew about. Mafias run retail reporting anyone that undercuts their prices or competes for recourses. Calling blizzard is another automated message that hangs up on you. Is there no way to get a human to hear my case?

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No, there is not a way to get in contact with a live rep for account appeals. All appeals are done via ticket. That gets someone to double check that the log data matches the account action. You then get a form letter either upholding it, or overturning it.

A permanent ban is not something Blizzard does lightly. It would not be caused by just reports, although reports can cause an account to be reviewed faster. To get permanently closed the Hacks team has to find actual Blizzard side data showing your account was involved in use of cheating software/automation or exploits. A hundred people can report you, but if you did nothing wrong you won’t get banned.

Also keep in mind, what an account is actioned for often happened weeks or even months ago. They ban in waves, not usually in ones and twos.

The ONLY automated system in WoW for account actions is chat reports for spam that can result in a Squelch until a GM looks at it. That takes many unique accounts reporting in a short time. A chat squelch is not a ban though - and that sort of reporting would not keep you out of game.

If you want information on the ticket system or options, you can post on the WoW Customer Support forum. That is an information desk where they will help explain the support system, explain policies, etc.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for, or represent, Blizzard.

I want to make sure I’m understanding you correctly.

At some point someone from blizzard thought I was hacking? There is no way to know what happened to warrant this action thus it can not be debated.

Because I have never done anything that is hacking/cheating this mistake can not be appealed.

So you have a system with humans in it which inherently means there are mistakes but no system of oversight?

Hello Animality,

I have been trying to reach you in regards to your extended fly hack warrantee. Please contact me at your latest convenience to discuss this matter.


It wasn’t a ban wave, no one else was banned and all the bots are still in DM

It was a ban wave, there were roughly 150 accounts suspended for hacks since the last wave.

The more I look into this the less factual it is. If they can’t get human oversight they are going to have a real problem on their hands since PServers start back up soon.

A human did go over the ban though. In fact, 2 humans did.

And obviously made a mistake, and there is no oversight

I am not sure what you mean by that. The Hacks team is made up of humans who investigate cheating methods. They have management and oversight like any workplace does.

Can there be false positives in the detection software, of course. It is rare, but can happen. That is what appeals are for.

Again, what do you mean by this?

You just said there is no way to appeal, then just said this is what appeals are for, which is it. I want to speak to a person that has the authority to take action and them to explain what the ban was for. I had 15 years of my life in that account I don’t think 15 minutes is too much. Why would I resub without know why I was banned, it could just happen again. I appreciate you reaching out but you have no idea what you’re talking about and are in no definition the person to help me with this issue.

Back to the topic the report system in incredibly broken. I was perma banned by getting mass reported for pvping. That is what happened. I was there. You were not. You have no idea what happened. If it happened to me it can happen to anyone. Googling this instantly returns thousands of results of this same situation happening. Somehow a lot of those guys got though to a human for an appeal. Why am I unable to do that.

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Are you asking that you want to speak to my manager?

Goober, I love you but this is not the time to troll me

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The troll doesn’t want to be trolled…

You know what man, fair point. Have at it. But I hope they build in recourse for false reports. Those guys deserve the perma ban, not me.

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That is NOT what I said. I said:

That won’t happen. Blizzard does not engage in live interactions for bans. They won’t argue with you. Either the game logs support the ban, or they don’t. End of story.

You should have gotten an email telling you the category of the infraction. That is all they will share. They won’t tell you exactly which third party software or automation was detected.

I know exactly what I am talking about and have been doing this for over 10 years now. I realize you don’t like Blizzard’s policies, but the information I am sharing is accurate.

I don’t need to be there to tell you that they do NOT ban you for being reported in PvP, esp not a perma ban. Non-participation would have resulted in a suspension, not a perma ban. Blizzard does not ban an account just off of reports. Not ever. The game logs have to back the actionable account actions.

If you want to hear it from a Blue, you can head over to the CS forum that I first linked you to. Seriously, go make a thread there saying you were perma banned for being reported in PvP. See what Blizzard has to say about that.

Well at least I’m not disappointed, I expected this much.

I am waiting for you to actually post on the WoW Customer Support forum. You want an actual Blizzard reply on the forums, that is your only option.

Go here. Tell them you can’t find the email outlining why you were banned. Tell them you think were mass reported for PvP and it got you perma banned.

Take a breath, count to 10 slowly, then realize it’s not personal. I didn’t even want to post here. My friends have more faith in you than I do. Blizzards world famous customer service hasn’t escaped me. According to USAtoday you guys dropped to only #5 of the worlds most hated companies. Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those up. I got the robot to reply to my ban appeal and I know it’s GG. It’s not 2007, Blizzard doesn’t have a monopoly on MMOs or even classic wow for that matter. I’m moving on, you should too. But I enjoyed our time together. Have a great day.

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Yeah… you did not even bother to post on the right forum - even when given the link to do so.

I can tell you now, you did not get banned for reports in PvP. You got banned for software on your PC or other automation/exploits.