Major bug - if you're silenced in World of Warcraft, you can't almost do anything in other games and client


I found a major bug. If you’re silenced in World of Warcraft, you can’t do these things:

  1. You can’t send/reply (to) a message/whisper to a friend in the client (error 44);
  2. You can’t send a friend request in the client or Hearthstone;
  3. You can’t challenge a friend in Hearthstone (he is not receiving/seeing the challenge);
  4. You can’t play Diablo 3 at all - you can’t join a friend or a public party and you can’t play solo, not even the campaign (error 315000)!

I’ve contacted the Customer Support and they said that these bugs are caused by a internal error. This is why I’m posting this here. I’ve also posted on other official forums and still no answer or fix. Please fix ASAP!

Thank you.

The social restrictions are intentional. Those are not bugs. If you get silenced in any Blizzard game there are social penalties in all Blizzard games.

Not being able to play D3 at all when Silenced is a bug that has existed since October 2019. So no, you did not “find” a new bug.

You have been given all the information available about this already. Once the Silence is over you can play D3 again. Blizzard is not in any a particular hurry to fix it because it impacts a tiny minority of players - those who have very long Silences. Silences that were backed by game logs and imposed by GMs.

If you want I can post Meteorblade’s explanation again… It is quite accurate.

The ‘intended’ bug was fixed. Thank you, devs!