Error code 315000


I can’t start a private game and I can’t join a public game because I’m silenced in other Blizzard game. I get the following error code: 315000. Is there any fix?

Thank you!

Error 315000 - Chat Silence - Only available to party leader

There are two scenarios for this.

It’s a temporary bug which can usually be resolved by switching to another hero and then back to the one you wanted to play on, changing which pet the hero has selected, and so on. Alternatively, closing and re-starting the client should resolve it.

If you’ve received an in-game chat silence penalty from any Blizzard game.

There is a long outstanding bug (since October 2019) whereby if you receive a chat silence from any Blizzard game, you will be unable to start or join a Diablo III game session. This will last until the silence period is over.

If you have received a chat silence, you will have been sent an email to your registered address with an explanation of why the silence was issued, and how long the penalty period will last. For a first offence, it’s 24 hours. For subsequent offences, the penalty period doubles each time, i.e.

Offence Silence (Days) Silence (Months)
1st 1 Day
2nd 2 Days
3rd 4 Days
4th 8 Days
5th 16 Days
6th 32 Days 1 Month 2 Days
7th 64 Days 2 Months 4 Days
8th 128 Days 4 Months 8 Days
9th 256 Days 8 Months 16 Days
10th 512 Days 17 Months 2 Days

…and so on.

If you believe you were incorrectly silenced…
Appealing a Silence, Suspension, or Ban

If the penalty was correctly applied

While it is theoretically possible for us to unmute players which might work around this, we’re not in the practice of reversing these kinds of account actions for this sort of reason. Regardless of this unexpected behavior, the accounts which have been muted were muted for a reason. If you have an extended duration suspension, a user of your account must have broken our terms of use several times. As such, the account actions will stand until they expire.

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The lack of urgency to find a fix for this will be a combination of the fact that only small numbers of players are affected, the effect is temporary, and the only players that are affected by it have already demonstrated that they don’t want to stick to the rules they agreed to.

Yeah, I’d imagine customers that break the rules are less important to Blizzard than customers who play by them.

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It seems this is the solution.