[Main Thread] Not getting a SMS code when MW3 launches

Same here, when do you usually get a response from support?

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Having same issues and won’t receive SMS Code because it says too many attempts.Its super frustrating probably the last time I purchase through battlenet/Blizzard

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Btw whoever had issues like me and couldn’t detach an old mobile number and add a new one.
Go download the battle net app and add Authenticator in the app. Now when you try to remove the old phone number you can confirm it with the battle net Authenticator. I added my new number, logged into COD received my sms and confirmed. Now I can play again

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I can’t receive sms verification when open cod mw 3
I changed phone numbers
Ask the phone service
Use app on phone
Nothing works!!
Please help, Thank you!!

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Did anyone fix this? Still having this issue, smh

It’s been like 3 days for me and still won’t receive new SMS Code or tech help

I found a solution. First I had an iPhone phone number linked, then I changed it to a Samsung, but the default messaging system of the phone was google, I changed it to the Samsung messaging system and entered the game to send me the code, I got the code without problem. I hope this helps some of you. It took me 3 days to do everything that has been said on forums and other sites, the bots of battle.net didn’t help at all

I wish I could but I need SMS so can change number but it says too many attempts smh

Will there be a response from the developers? I haven’t been able to play for days

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No fix for me yet I’m in day 5 :cry:

I have the same issue too

just got interstellar camo 3 days ago dropped my first nuke on the game 2 days ago now it wants me to verify my phone number and wont send the code!! $100 for what a game i can no longer play waste of time and money!!!

There are some restrictions on the phone number you can use. Not sure if it applies to anyone here.

Eligibility & Limitations

Battle.net Phone Notifications are designed for text-enabled mobile phones:

  • Messaging apps like iMessage (iOS) or WhatsApp (iOS, Android) are not supported.
  • Phone notifications cannot be used with Voice over IP (VoIP), and VoIP numbers that are transferred to a local provider are not eligible for the service.

A phone number can only be attached to one Battle.net Account.

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So before that, we somehow tied the number to the game. The settings in the phone have not changed at all

Hello , i had the same problem for 3 days then i tried this and it Worked

1-Battlenet account settings
2- Go to Privacy & Communication
3-Scroll down to COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES and enable [ SMS Account Alerts ]

Good luck all <3

hey guys i am wondering if anyone has had the same issue as me. I bought the game on battle net durring launch and everything has been working fine. but then two days ago it has asked me to verify my phone number which was no problem until I could not get the code from battle net. I then decided to re put in my phone number on my account which went smooth and they sent me a code through my phone with no problem but then when I try to verify after launching MW3 it will not send me a code. Blizzards ticket system is a joke and barley responds and when they do its something ive already tried and then I wait another 8 hours.


this is ridiculous, i have no issue getting verification when i add and remove my number on the battlenet website. this is definitely not the fix. its upon launching the game that you do not receive a verification code.

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Thats the exact same thing I am going through


me, you and hundreds of others. blizzard hasnt said anything about it. they contacted me and told me they are aware. it has now been more than a week since ive played. they are also denying me a refund as well. good luck

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Same problem with me. I have tried everything support told me. No luck. Now i cant add a new number as it says request limits reached… New Zealand