[Main Thread] Diablo 2 - Problems creating games, joining games, long queue times

Queues are gone , for how ,long this time , 3 days ?

240 queue@US-East Ladder, here we go with the queue plague again.

Looks like it went back down to 0, for now anyway.

Queues starting to creep back again…

Almost a full day queue-free. Alright Blizzard, I think you can do better than that. Try again.

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I knew it 1 day and queues are back now :smiley:

We’re aware of the issues with the long queues starting back up again after the server issues the other day. Our teams looking into this incident now. This is a frustrating issue, since its been going on for quite some time. We say this often, but we do mean this every time, your patience and passion for the game is greatly appreciated.

There are some short term resolutions, but these short term resolutions can be quite tedious for our team to be done as often as the long queue times recurs. We’d rather try to focus our resources on finding a permanent resolution rather than focusing on a temporary one that works for a few hours or days. Our team is aware of the issue and searching for a long term solution for this, but when we’ll have a set fix or time is still not set in stone.

As frustrating and long as this problem has gone on, we’ll continue to communicate with you all here when we have more information to share. This issue hasn’t been forgotten even though you may not hear from us for a bit, we still monitor and read your posts here. Thanks again, everyone!


Thanks for the update. Yes it has been frustrating and patience has worn thin for many.

To be honest, the season has been over for me for a while now due to the queue issues, so personally I’d be fine if the servers need to be taken down for a period of time to solve the problem.

Keep after this bear of a problem. I’m hoping next season goes much more smoothly.

Thanks for the update Caterpepi.
I would prefer if you did shut down for a few days to get a permanent solution instead of bandaids that keep falling off. It’s good that as a team you recognize the following this game still has, and how you manage this problem will affect how many of us try out any new games you release!

Adding my voice to the cause:

Yo Blizzard what up?

what happened to Diablo 2 battle. net?..now we get lag spikes and have to wait in line to create games. This isnt the same experience I’ve always had with D2 online.

I never had to wait before to create a game, let alone like 10 + mins to create a game … And sometimes it doesnt even work lol it gets stuck on a low number like 10. O.o

bad servers… come on blizzard… you guys used to be on top… :frowning:

-Beta Tester / Fan since Blackthorne.


USWest - Ladder
Your position in line is: 1913

Number stopped going down, and got stuck at
Your position in line is: 3

However, I quit out to character selection screen, went back in with same toon, and clicked join game, and entered in the game / pw that i had, and i joined the game.

I hope this helps someone. :smiley:

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US East ladder que length is at about 4k. Wait time is over 10min. Near unplayable at the moment.


same thing 2k que waiting to join game. More servers needed or just fewer bots? I don’t know, but I would like to be able to play the game. Thanks

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9k que in Asia. Love the game. Love the occasional support the game gets, but please fix the issue.

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These queues have very little to do with bots.

They had more active players and more bots in it’s 1.09 hayday, the problem is somewhere in the online service itself, as if you disable chat (bug or elsewise) the queue issues resolve.

My guess is infrastructure is in need of updating, and they just don’t want to put money into a game as old as D2 anymore.

I know the exact moment West took a dump, a week ago Dclone spawned on an IP, after about 2-3 minutes there was a “SERVER RESTARTING” message broadcast, after the restart been nothin but queues.

US East is currently unplayable for humans.

Yeah the queues were fine like a week ago (non-existent), then overnight after Blizz “fixed” chat, the queues got jacked up to 2k AND the /users command doesn’t work. It’s like a broken launch day but 20 years later. I’ve never seen a company handle a game like this. It’s beyond bizarre to me.

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Stop Bots when?
i mean a fix, not delation.
your game is infected for years. we are in 2020, fix the game for only humains playing.
reborn D2
thank you
Eu player

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US East has a queue of close to 4000. Waited 15 minutes to make a game, was unable to. Tried again, still unable to.

The only games that are open are run by bots and it’s impossible for me to complete quests.

This is so unfortunate and disappointing.

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Bump for change… they keep touchin dirt d3…wont give us any support on this mug


This is still a MAJOR problem. If this were any other blizzard game, the problem would have been solved a long time ago. Its obvious you are neglecting this issue.