[Main Thread] Diablo 2 - Problems creating games, joining games, long queue times

Why reset the ladder and not support or watch it? This is insane. Can we please get a reply as to what is being done? Do you just want people to stop playing?


You’re actually kidding right? The game is completely broken at the moment no one can even make a game.


You can respond to this thread, but how about any of the other threads about how unplayable the game is after this ladder reset? Jesus christ lol. No one can play the damn game right now and you’re over here helping folks with login issues.


Hey there,

Typically the servers aren’t on fire, but at this time they are. Burning red hot flames, a hearth so hot it can burn a hole in the ozone layer.

Is this a joke ? You respond to this, but literally nothing else, about the UNPLAYABLE state that D2 is in ? Nonladder is fine, can make and join as many games as possible. Same cannot be said for Ladder… cant make or join games at all… with not a single response.


SO I want to thank you for giving me atleast 5 hours last night for reset, until my game crashed in A5 and I could not create a new one because of a 4000+ que line that moved fast, but resets half way, before fully counting down, thus resulting in a fail to create.

Can you please fix this so I can go back to enjoying the reset? This cannot be overloaded servers, this is hot garbage servers or intentional restrictions that are not working.

fix servers! fix servers!


Que seems to be gone for now, Thanks Blizzard!!

Edit 42m later… Que is back TT

Yep it was ~1.5 hours of semi-playability

4k que, ok then join existing game right??
Game Lobby empty, there ARE no existing games to join!..

Wait WHAT?? If there are no existing game then why the que??
This doesn’t make any sense. Fix it Blizzard!

With the 4.2k + Queue, along with the disconnections once you manage to enter a game. The delayed reset and the silence from the company is horrid. At the very least you can explain to your player base what exactly is happening with the servers. This isn’t meant to attack or provoke the Diablo 2 team, its meant to politely ask for transparency on the situation. It’s a Saturday, people work all week and want to unwind. Especially during a reset that we wait for every 6 months. I’m not here to complain about bots or the in game economy… I simply just want to play the game without interruptions. Please respond to us as soon as possible and hopefully with a game plan to fix this situation.


considering, a ladder reset is nothing new and they always attract a good amount of core players… yeah, some transparency would be amazing.

this is stupid. its been going on since 2 hours after reset and now we cant even make games. could yall at least acknowledge there is an issue.

Thank you for your reports! We’re aware of the issues and our team is actively working on this issue. We’ll continue to provide updates as available!


Can’t join games

Queue time to create 10000 + …

Many users with this problem. What can we do?


Same thing on East only its 4000+ now and doesnt fully count down.

Finally they noticed :smiley:

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Thanks for the update, please fix asap!!

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Just curious if there is a timeline setup as to when USEAST ladder server will be stabilized again.

Should I go mow my lawn for an hour?


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Yeah, it’s a complete joke. I’m done and many are quitting. This is pathetic. The amount of support and follow through Path of Diablo gets with basically ONE admin is WAY higher. These guys are either completely coasting or they actually have no idea what they’re even doing anymore and are just hoping the problems go away. RIP D2. This is actually the end.