[Main Thread] Diablo 2 Cdkey in use by myself?

Hello there, my Internet crashed the other day while I was playing Diablo 2 LOD classic/legacy and I tried to log on again but it says my cdkey is in use by myself?

It has been like this for about a few days now, if I could get someone to give me some advice that would be great, thanks!

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If it’s been that long you’ll need to submit a support ticket. During a crash, the game servers will sometimes hang onto your game indefinitely.

In the meantime, you can power cycle your network connection. Unplug or shut down your network connection and wait 30 seconds, then let it reboot.

There is a recent thread on the EU forums about this too that just says to submit a ticket:

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I’ve tried logging in away from home as well, I don’t think it’s a network issue (although I have tried to power cycle them).

Opening a ticket seems way more troublesome than it needs to be, I have to submit screenshots and a bunch of files? Can BNet/Blizz simply release the key?

They can’t release it until they can verify who you are.

The screenshot and traceroute are both optional and not needed. For the two diagnostic files, just create two blank .txt files using Notepad. Attach them.

If they need those files or any other information from you, they will ask for it.

Finally, type out the problem in the description box and hit SUBMIT.

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It might be important to note that if you try to log in during the wait then the system might restart your wait time, meaning if it takes like 5 days to wait but during this wait even if you try to log in only once, you might have to wait another 5 days, etc. I will just not touch the battle.net button and give it like a week and see if it’s solved. Also for the two diagnostic files attachments, there are clear instructions on how to create and attach them, so I’d say yes just follow them and submit. Just click on “DXDIAG file” which is the link in blue after “Upload your” and it will tell you first how to create MSInfo file then DxDiag file. Here is the link:


I think this ticket is better than the normal one cuz you are giving Blizzard more information which makes it easier for them to help you via the 2 diagnostic files. Better yet tell them the character name and account name you were on when the incident started. It should be important for them to verify you are who you are via letting them know character and account so they can release cd key asap.

Hi Blizzard

I’ve had this error for 4 days now - how to fix it?
Can’t login to bnet d2 legacy - says my CD key is currently being used. (EU NL)


Your issue appears to be the same as the following topics:


You will need to contact Blizzard Support and have them look at your account… mind the following words from Blizzard CS here:

If it goes beyond 24 hours, then that means that something else has happened and at that point, submitting a ticket, informing them that you have waited the 24 hours and the account is still showing as in use, then the support agents can investigate further.

Good luck !

:lock: :lock:I got temp banned, it says I’m already using my own cd key. How could I be. So anyways I keep getting screwed (reinstalling does not fix it) [even if you use different cd-key] wow so after all that fun I deiced to start remodeling my room I cleaned up every nook and cranny whew boy oh boy did I ever get down on my knees and scrub. If you need game update and you play east switch to Asia and it will download. The Asians love Diablo so they treat it with love and care. Damn US Americans got no love for legacy everyone converted to d2 remastered.
Thanks for kicking me off I am addicted to the game it’s so much fun. Guess I need to make a hardcore single player bow amazon. (not as fun)**
** It sucks that there is this “protective feature” to help keep bots away? That plan failed. You’re keeping your own good people out all the while the bots are farming chaos baals. I’m sitting here like a dog at the door waiting for you to let me in. It’s a cold world when there’s nothing anyone can do for me.**
** One nice thing I discovered is, that if I’m tethering my phone to my laptop and Wi-Fi is actively on, it causes this disruption. so, if you turn on usb tether turn off Wi-Fi.**
I do have LOTS of love :kissing_heart: for the blizzard employees and the game masters! I know it’s not your guys fault, and i’m not mad at anyone, I just felt the need to express my trials and errors.
:smiling_imp: I thank you for your time and look forward to reply!

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I also see the same error Your CD key is already in use… So annoying , tried reinstalling and no luck at all.

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Did you open a ticket or any idea how to resolve issue? @TrueValkyrie

Yes I have and there is nothing the game masters or anyone can do for me there. I even tried flushing my IP address and renewing it and still locked out. Now it’s been like almost a week. I got a friend running seven bots right now just chillin having a good old time. Me? 100% legit and still get on lock out.

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*UPDATE Feb 6th 2023 - Over the weekend there was an issue with our tools that would have allowed us to assist with any 24+ or older CD Key In Use by “your account” That issue has since been resolved and I have gone through and knocked everyone who posted here offline. You should be able to login normally at this time.

If you are still unable to login, please submit a new ticket with those details (screenshots are welcome) along with requested system data:

System Reports: Obtaining System Files - Blizzard Support

WinMTR: Running WinMTR - Blizzard Support

So we can look into your particular situation further.

If you crash or get disconnected your account can become locked for up to 24 hours during which you will receive the message that your account is in use by you. (This is not something we can bypass and is a product of the older platform and service limitations for that older system.)

If it goes beyond 24 hours, then that means that something else has happened and at that point, submitting a ticket, informing them that you have waited the 24 hours and the account is still showing as in use, then the support agents can investigate further.

Do note that currently responses are delayed due to higher than normal ticket volume (WoW Dragonflight Patch) so please make sure you include as much detail as possible to help prevent unnecessary back and forth


I appreciate your support but as of right now the CD Key is still in use.

I have opened a ticket and but the two txt files of DxDiag and MsInfo on the ticket.

I noticed someone said not to try logging on, welp, I checked after your reply facepalm and it is still the same… cant log in.

I guess I will keep waiting.

I have the same problems writing that my CD-key is being used, although I tried to log in from another computer there is no such problem

I have had this issue of my cd key being used for several days now, sent in a ticket and they did not do a thing. Been almost a week of not being able to log in.

Ive had some of these characters almost since diablo 2 was first released. Ive made sure to log into them every month since then whether I was actively playing or not.

I told them i reinstalled , I told them I waited longer then the 24 hours

and still nothing just a reply that basically says Shrug… lost of people are having this problem. We know we are looking into it.

Ill gladly send a new ticket if thats what it takes. Where should I be sending the ticket?

Hello, Artem!

Sorry for the long wait. Azeroth needs surveillance, and our forces do not allow us to react immediately.

I am the game master of Ulmafri, and today I am answering your question

Sorry for these inconveniences. As my colleagues have already written, the developers are working on fixing the error. Making repeated requests to the support service will not speed up the preparation of the fix.
This was answered to me the third time when I wrote to them

Hey, I have the same problem for three days now. I was disconnected from battle.net and told that my key is being used by myself.

Three days after I submitted the ticket, the blizz supporter told me to come here and beg for your help.

If that was not enough, yesterday I bought a new CD-Key for 15€ and now it’s giving me the same message: the key is being used by myself!

What am I supposed to do? Can I at least get my money back or so? :frowning:

New key, same message: key is being used by myself. Please fix that :frowning:

I have the same issue. cd key in use. please resolve this asap. thank you.

fyi, the issue does not seem to be related to our hardware or software setup as many of us were able to log on and play with no issues until recently. the issue is something with the d2 LOD server authentication protocols. are bots the main problem? why not try to reboot the servers, apply any necessary updates, and/or restore the affected accounts? many of us have characters and items we do not want to lose.

thank you for your support and assistance. I may check back but in the meantime have a wonderful day.

I’m getting this same issue that my CD-Key is being used by me. I was connecting to battle.net and accidentally escaped out of the logging in process and now I can’t log in period. Please help.