Main Thread. Blizzard Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up

I’m also having the same issue. I currently have an update downloading (KB4551762) so I’ll edit this after that has installed and edit it once more if uninstalling the update I had last night (KB4540673) has any effect on this problem.

Edit: Removed both updates, no impact and same issue. Can just start your chosen game directly for now until it’s fixed.

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+1 to the issue.
@Simoneb92 Twitter account is active

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Same here. Some friends are on Wow or Overwatch. Since that Overwatch patch update I can’t seem to go to my games.

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Same error here. Whatever happened killed my entire internet for a few minutes too.

Hey guys, to bypass the launcher, run " C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Support\SC2Switcher.exe" :slight_smile:


Having the same issue here. Also tried launching the game directly, still not working. And here I was hoping to knock out my Challenge Rift in prep for D3 season 20. RIP.


Something on Blizzards end is sporked.
I was able to play after the Windows Update & reboot yesterday.
I played about an hour ago.
Now its asleep…


Same issue here.

Tried the following to no effect:

  • Restarting pc
  • Terminating all processes in Task Manager.
  • Deleting and Blizzard Entertainment folders in %appdata%
  • Downloading installer and reinstalling client (got stuck on downloading files for 5 minutes, before returning to same error)

Yeah same here. Maybe the windows update has something to do with it.

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i do not have a twitter account. I cant contact them through mail or chat here on website… you the same?

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same lmao after updating windows this happened what a joke…


Same worked when earlier around 7 but now its sleeping lol. i didnt do any windows update on my side so i dont think this is the issue i think its on blizzard side

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+1 … same issue for me. Was working this morning, did a Windows update and no longer working.

Oh, interesting. Right click the bnet app icon in the task bar drawer. It offers no gamed but it does have a grayed out “pause all downloads” which isn’t normally there.

Same problem :frowning: . So sad rn. Cleaned my room today and fixed some stuff and the entire day I was looking forward to play overwatch. Waiting 20 minutes doesn’t help, restarting my game or pc also doesn’t work…

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You need to bypass the Battlenet App

Go & load from WoWclassic.exe and put in your email/username & PWD


Only through contact form, not phone or live.

Dangit, I was looking forward to playing some MW Warzone… Let’s bust in the BattleNET headquarters.


same here app is in sleep mode

I’m having the same issue. Could the windows update have something to do with it ? I wouldn’t think so since so many people are having issues but i guess its a possibility