Limit download bandwidth doesn't work

I try to limit my download speed to 9000 KB/s for example, but the launcher keep use every bandwidth I have and run at maximum speed. I try apply, turn it off, pause the download, then re-apply again, also try restart the launcher after changing the setting. Doesn’t work at all.

P/S: I try to switch to beta client, still broken and doesn’t work.


Are you talking about the initial download of a game?

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Yeah, for some reason the limit download speed option doesn’t work anymore. Doesn’t matter what value I set for it.
18-19MB/s second is my max download speed, I set the limit to 9000KB/s (9MB/s) but It still stay at max speed for some reason, I press done, the green test also pop up tell me the setting is applied too.


The reason I asked is because I saw a similar thing a couple days ago.

I might be wrong about this but looking at the settings there’s a setting for “updates” and a setting for “prerelease content” However, it seems that there is no setting for initial downloads.

But, you posted in the right place so that Bliz can see the issue.

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It does work before, but in an odd way. For example If I want the initial download speed to be 9000KB/s I have to set both those settings to 9000KB/s + 2000KB/s meaning 11000KB/s in total. Weird I haven’t realized there is no limitation download speed for initial downloads at all, I just thought because the software was being weird…

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I have this problem too


I can confirm that I have this issue too. No matter what I set the “network bandwidth” limit to it just does not work. This is for both “pre-release content” and “latest updates”. This feature is very inconsistent every time the app updates. Some versions it works, some versions it does not and right now it does not.

I have tried in the beta version of the app and still not luck. For now I have to throttle the internet kicking everyone offline while I download which is very inconvenient. Version


I have the exact same problem, limiting bandwith of the battlenet client just does not work. Does not matter if updates, prerelease content or initial download.
I need to limit my update bandwith so others on the local network can actually use any kind of internet video stream. I can’t hog all the bandwith.

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Same problem here, purchased diablo 4, tried to limit bandwith usage, it doesn’t seem to work at all. Seems like a recent problem, I didn’t encounter it in the past.

Same problem since several weeks or even months, sent a ticket back then, still seems to be a problem.

If i wait long enough (30-60 sec.) after setting a limit, it slowly starts to go down. If i set a different limit, it jumps back up at full speed and again, goes down after some time.

I guess there is an issue with the handling of the speed limit at the servers, not the clients…? Otherwise the problem wouldn’t just have come out of nowhere, without a client update, and even still after a client update or even using the beta client.

I’m experiencing the same issue. The “Limit download bandwidth / Latest Updates:” is set to 7500 KB/s but my downloads run at over 20 MB/s. Setting a lower bandwidth does not reduce the actual download speed.

Same issue here. Installing CoD, and it keeps knocking everyone else in the house offline because it’s maxing out my network.

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I was having the same issue, it seems like battlenet’s download limiter doesnt work at the moment. My fix to this problem was downloading netlimiter and manually adding a DL limit rule.

Same here. very annoying.

Same here, it looks like it happens only with CoD

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same i can also not limit my download rate on both functions

I have the same problem as well, I have tried to limit both latest and pre-release and it doesn’t change at all, but some months years it did work, also in COD it works fine some days ago, but now in Diablo it doesn’t even change by a little bit

Hi, same problem for me :cry:

Same problem for me, Cannot limit download bandwidth and it says that I am downloading around 995 KB/sec when its actually over 8 MB/sec.

For anyone that’s still having this issue, yes, the initial download bandwith limit on the Battlenet launcher is broken. The only solution I’ve found so far are third party programs. I used a program called NetLimiter. After installing the program, open it and look for the “ Update Agent” process (of course you need the battle net launcher open first), right click on the process then go to “Add rule…” , where you can freely set the bandwith limit for the launcher.