Limit download bandwidth doesn't work

please get on this blizzard


ok - when I set both values to the same limit then its works for me (latest updates and pre-release) for a “normal” update

I have this problem as well - for me it’s exclusive to Windows 11. With Windows 10, bandwidth limiting works as expected.

Windows 11: input 4000 KB/s, expected download speed = 4MB/s;
get 40MB/s (if not higher) in exchange.

Windows 10: Input 4000 KB//s, expected download speed = 4MB/s, get 4MB/s and not faster.

From Experience, I can say it takes up to 1-3 minutes until it goes to the limit. Thought by myself it doesn’t work until I just waited some time and now its at my limit.

If that doesn’t help you I think its a bug

Still an issue, seems like such an easy fix, why isn’t there anything about this? Any limit I try to set to download the latest cod patch, the downloader ignores it and uses my full bandwidth. It’s not even a problem of my internet, I can download with 30MB/s, but the client hogs the whole bandwidth making the internet slow for everyone on the same network.


same problem here too

Hi, same problem for me :cry:

ugyan ez. nincs időm az egész internetemet odaadni ennek a szarnak órákra mit képzeltek ti

Same Problem for me :confounded:

Yup, same issue, it’s been a few weeks like this now as well.

Same Problem for me, exists now for a few weeks already

Its nice to see the devs just don’t read the forums. This has been an ongoing issue for months.

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Add me to the list of people having this issue. Used to work but no longer does.

As the person stated above me - add me to the list of people having issues as well. This has been going on for months and the devs haven’t even acknowledged the problem yet.

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bump, same here… genuinely impressive at this point.

Same here. Would think they would fix it

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Same. Initial download and it doesn’t work, what a lame “feature”. Please fix.

Same issue, please fix ASAP.

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Same problem. This gigantic COD download is extremely disruptive to everyone else in the house.

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Same issue here. Have a feeling they won’t fix this for months though. Super annoying.