I cannot access D4's beta on my battlenet app

I preordered back in December(ultimate edition) and while it shows on my account I do not have a drop down option on the app to install D4. It keeps asking me to preorder or redeem a code.

If you have more than one bnet account, make sure that you are logged in to the Launcher on the account you purchased with. Some people have more than one Battlenet account and mix them up.

From the D4 game tab, use the drop down menu over the main play button to select the game version and change it to Beta.

Make sure you are on the D4 tab and not D3 or Immortal. They look similar and Immortal only has Live. This post has a good picture of the menu.

For PC:

  • Some countries may not be eligible to purchase or participate due to policy or legal restrictions.

  • Check your purchase history on the Blizzard store and be sure the transaction has completed. If it is queued or failed, then it did not go through.

  • If it did, check the Region on your Bnet launcher. Some people have had to change it to match the Region of their purchase. To do that exit all the way out of the launcher - as in log out. On the login screen for the launcher app, should be the ability to change the Region for the Desktop Launcher. That has helped some folks find the DL.

  • If the launcher is not updating despite the purchase being complete, and being in the right region, reboot your PC. That can help force the launcher to synch.

  • If that also fails, you can try to force a full account data update by changing the password on the Bnet account then rebooting the PC. That should force a full update.

  • You can try resetting the Bnet Launcher Cache https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/34721

If all that fails you can put in a ticket with Blizzard for Purchase Failure. Seeing as your pre-purchase of D4 should be giving you access to the Beta download. I don’t know what the wait time is on those or what options they have that you have not done already.

This is the ticket link for D4 purchase failure if you wish to use it. Despite the preview shortening it, that is an actual link to the proper menu option.


Mine doesnt let me press play. Definitely Diablo IV beta. Paid for it. Pre purchase.
The play button is greyed out. Please help.
Battle Net PC
Can I add a screenshot? If so, how


maybe wait for the beta to get started, beta is launching in 30 mins

I have a series X and I purched D4 last month and today received the DL link and when the beta opend i said it couldnt verify the license for D4…so it wont let me play? And i purchased 5he ultimate edition… not cheap…blizzard how do i fix this…and cuz it was on Microsoft store i didnt get a redeem code

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It said 3/17. That has been going on for 11 hours lol. OK, Ill wait.

The club I didn’t want to join.

Any fix? I’ve dumped cache and everything.

this some bs pre loaded it and all and still cant play ya this was a fail

Also can’t get in. Beta was supposed to open at 12 EDT, i have pre-purchased the ultimate edition, and pre-installed this morning. Play button is greyed out and says “This game can not be played yet”


Same, claimed code, downloaded, installed and PLAY buttom grey out…:frowning:

I have done the above as well, no luck. I just bought a new pc to play too, bc of course I did. I’m really not happy considering I laid out 99.99 for the top choice just for this opportunity. Please fix it asap guys!


same here. cant play, literally only pre ordered so could do this beta… nice way to say thanks for your 107$


Close out of the Battle.Net app and go back in. My button is lit up now.

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Re-launch the battle net

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got same problem. I reopened the battle.net aplication and than i could press the button “Play”

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i relaunched, still grey for me. the sorrow…

Make sure you access the game through the new diablo 4 beta launcher instead of your battlenet launcher

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Ok I restarted the pc and I am able to click play now. Loading!!! WOOT

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restart your computer, that just fixed it for me