How long does a blizzard support ticket takes on average?

I played Overwatch since it came out and took a long break after a while, I came back to play Overwatch 2 but it seems that my account got hacked a long time ago because it says the account does not exist. So I just go over and send a ticket to the support. It has been over 5 days since I sent the ticket and still didn’t get any response. I would love to hear from people that were in similar situation as me and how long did it took before you get a response from blizzard support?

Under normal circumstances it is 24-48 hours at most.

Right now though the wait is over a week and they are swamped. Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch, then release, then some ban waves, then OW2 release. Lots and lots of people need help right now.

Things are not normal right now and it is pretty frustrating for anyone needing help. Keep the ticket open and hopefully they can get you sorted out.


Right now I’m at 3 weeks waiting time in wotlk classic. It’s weird because I can’t restore my characters on a locked realm -,-

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That is not “weird”. If you have no current active characters on a Locked realm you can’t make one, transfer one, or restore one. That is how it is programmed and CS can’t go around that.

Unless the Devs change it, that is currently how it works.

Thank you for this response as i have had an open ticket for 2 weeks and one for 4 days about a refunded i never got…

I mean it’s weird to me, maybe not you.

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same my ticket for another matter has been going for 2 WEEKS??

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well i just recently sent a ticket about 2 days ago and until they respond to the ticket i cannot play anny of my games of battlenet so i hope they asware it soon an not in 2 til 3 weeks

hi, any updates from them or are you still waiting?

My ticket is only a day old but this is the same for me. Changed my account region to see if it would help with ping or latency since I’m out of country for a couple months only to realize that means I can’t play my games purchased at my permanent residency in the states and now I need to have my region changed back. Stupid mistake on my part, should have been more careful.

I also have a ticket for 8 days long. It is supprise that blizzard take over 24 hours to resolve a ticket. My Origin account get restore in less than an hour.

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Same here. I’m waiting 7 days for my ticket to be resolved. This is unacceptable.

Im having the same problem., My account got stollen, and they are taking a lot of time to reply…at this rate i think im probably going to lose everything…

Yes, the wait times are unacceptable. They are over 2 weeks now, or longer for some lower priority tickets.

Wait times are insane right now. However, the good news on account compromises is that if they can prove it, they can reverse all the damage, depending on what game it is. They also will unban an account if the hacker did bad things with it and got it banned, which is not uncommon.

Here is a WoW example of someone getting things all fixed up last week. It took a LONG time for the ticket to get done, but when it was done, they had things fixed. They also used the time to figure out how to secure the computer and account so it could not happen again.

Example from today about an account compromise. If the ticket has a number it should be properly in and may not take as long as the estimates.

Lol, nah, it’s very weird. Just imagine u have 20 lvl alliance character and u buy Wotlk Heroic edition to make 70 lvl horde character, u can’t create 2 character with different factions so what u will do? It’s trash a little, don’t u think so?

its almost a week now. submitted last friday. still no news

you’re out of your mind if you think such a company cant use some resources to hire more help lmao

I am sure they could hire more people. Then spend a month + to train them, then let them go when the surge is over.

I do feel Blizzard really did fail to plan for the surge in tickets and should have staffed up ahead, but it is not always that simple.

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