Compromised account

I will try that and get back to you. We did change it after they said the restoration was done BUT I will try anything at this point.
You are right about the clutter of giving to many info on one ticket. The agents are under pressure in these busy times and try and work as fast as possible. Like I said a very friendly person because he felt sorry about the texts issues and said to contact him again if any other problem.

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Unfortunately theres sometime a bug which u got hit with where theresno reply i agree with replying to a old ticket.

There’s a lot of vitriol on the forums right now because so many people are mad and upset with the wait times (rightfully so, but it’s just not constructive), but the staff are really trying as best they can to help folks and really want to see things fixed.

Perhaps one of the SFAs will peek in when they get in if the password reset didn’t give it the kick it needed. Since you’ve got the worst of it seen to, hopefully the revisit to your ticket(s) won’t take quite so long. You guys are nearly there! This last hiccup happens sometimes, though not always, when an account is locked to prevent any further damage by a hacker.


He did the password reset and it changed nothing, sadly. I hope an SFA can indeed help clear up some of it. I know they will revisit the ticket but it is always going back and forward with days in between. That makes it stressy ATM
Maybe I should let him attach some files Like ID prove etc etc even though they didn’t ask for it after restoring the account hmmm IDK because then he is cluttering it up again :smiley:

Also I closed all other side tickets (for example the one on my account) to free up the Ques. I did this the moment I saw which ticket was being answered. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, that way I would have had two chances of reply hahahahaha

Remember, just breathe. <3 I know it’s hard to say not to stress, but don’t let it eat at you. There are still a few days before pre-patch hits, and you guys have eyes on things. Wait times aside, it’s been pretty smooth it seems compared to some other hacks I’ve seen over the years. Hopefully it will continue to be!

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I agree on that, I was well surprised AND happy about only waiting for 3 days. Maybe it went fast because it was the first time in over 10y of play that something like this happened and/or that he acted on it within a few hours after the hack. So for that I am still grateful. I just feel like I am in some kind of law of Murphy kinda thing atm :smile:
If you see an SFA can you have a look at EU85061745. I don’t know if they always read all messages (that would be impossibly crazy) but at least you have the number now and seeing I am EU I often not see them coming in due to different time zones.
Also you taught me to just step back and breath so I know the drill now :wink:


Looks like this just got processed, Lyrelyra.

Should be good - if not, do let us know.


Thank you for the update, thank you ALL for the help and yes he is now going over all toons one by one. The GM asked him to get back to him as soon as he went through them so they could fix stuff that is still missing. We are not sure because he is still going through his toons but it seems that his stuff that was on the AH is still missing and they even caged some rare pets. My husband wants his Authenticator to work on every move. Is this possible? For example, when he logs in on his computer he doesn’t need to authenticate but I told him that is because it is his PC. Still he was so shocked about this that he even wants the authenticator to work on every single move. I don’t see any settings for that?


Go to account security:

Enable “Always require authenticator for login”


OMG TY! how noobish of us LOL, I clicked Update and indeed we can change it now. TY!
Idk what I am going to chose tho because I like having both sms and Authenticator and if you enable that you replace the sms one it seems. I like both options, dunno what peoples on here advice.

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Did you click on the “Update” link at the top right of the box?

The authenticator is more secure than SMS. SMS is really secure, but there social engineering methods to get an SMS code out of someone.


Hmm yeah you are making a good point. My husband is sure of enabling that, I was still thinking about it but given your answer, I might consider it too now.

I have had the mobile authenticator since 2012. Had the physical keyfob one before that. I do not have the authenticator set to prompt for every login, and I am highly confident in my account being secure.

The prompting is best for situations where someone who may damage your account also has physical access to your devices. Otherwise, on the backend, the authenticator system is really smart in knowing when to prompt without doing so overzealously for the actual account owner (if the prompt option is disabled).

/my 2 cents


Yeah I first had the Authenticator years ago but then I had some trouble with it due to change of phone and didn’t have it for a while but then I reinstalled it again and never had trouble with it either. I am happy with it and will never remove it. Especially not after what I have seen now.

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My husband went through everything and we have replied to the existing ticket. It looks like the only thing that is still missing is everything he had on his AH which was A LOT and for a lot of gold worth. He has an addon that can show every cancellation with a time stamp next to it so he took printscreens of that and we have send that info in the ticket. What also was weird was his pet count in his collectables and he missed some (rare expensive) pets there too but if thats to difficult to recuperate my husband can understand that. At the end of the day he is very grateful and he asked me to thank you guys and everyone that helped him at the ticket side (he also mentioned that in his ticket). He does hope they can recuperate his AH and that the attachments he put in will help with that. Thank you EVERYONE on here for all the support! The work you guys do here Employees and players is as important as the ticket side of things. Thank you!


Do you have any idea how long it would take for them to come back on stuff to be still amiss, they asked us to let them know and we did two days, We have also send attachments about the items, it was mainly all that was on the AH, the hackers cancelled and stole it but it wasn’t included in the restoration, which I can understand to be an oversight. Who would think they even do that and it was A LOT they even caged pets out of his collection.

Right now, that’s an excellent question - but one I’m afraid I can’t answer, Lyrelyra.

Queue times right now are extraordinarily long - and highly unusual.

They are trying to get to everyone as quickly as possible.


Ok.i understand that. Just didn’t know it also applied on open tickets that already been handled. Any way will be busy tomorrow, looking forward to it … ty for the info and help yet again :blush:… all heve fun on pre patch tomorrow :partying_face:

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Thank you ALL, everything is restored and closed the ticket today. When I had to survey the ticket, I especially also made a thank you to the US forum who help people keep their sanity hahahaha which is a major support to have!