Diablo Immortals : Spectral Allies

Just started playing Diablo Immortals again after a long hiatus. I have used autonomous spectral allies for all my tasks since wait times are abysmal. I was able to use this feature to get through my Hell raids and dungeons the past 2 months of starting back up. It has made this gaming experience almost flawless. The reason for the hiatus was a lack of content and abysmal wait times. I have no idea what is going on with this game having amazing upgrades compared to the past. To out of nowhere them vanishing off the game. I would love some insight why no patch notes or upgrades notes this features removal is not mentioned anywhere like no one will notice. I just want to say I notice and its a major deal breaker.

Wrong forum.

From: Guidelines: Read Before Posting pinned at the top of this forum:

The Blizzard API Bug Report forum is intended for 3rd party developers to report issues and bugs related to the public Blizzard Web APIs used to create fan sites and other experiences.

You want to post in the Diablo Immortal forum… not here.

I have already. Just this is the exact reason I quit playing Diablo in the past. So I think everyone should be aware.

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