Diablo 4 beta weekend client

I pre-ordered D4 back when it was announced, so I want to know when can we download the client because it is not showing the option on the app and the beta starts in 2 days. Any help around?



It’s currently 6:30 AM PDT.

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It’s now 10am PDT and still can’t download. Never mind…there was a separate button to download beta version.

On PC:

  • Have you tried to shut-down Battle.Net and re-start it ?
  • Make sure you change the Game Version (just above the Play button) to “Diablo IV - Beta”

On PS 5 :


Pc stills cannot download in uk


That’s odd… I have a report from a player in France that downloaded it…

There’s a topic on the D3 Tech Support forum… if you want to follow it…

It is after 11am pdt but i still have gotten no email with my console code for pre order download code can some one please tell me when I will receive it i really do not want to miss out on early beta week end.


What console are you on ?

On PC, make sure that you change it from Diablo IV to Diablo IV - Beta. If you’re looking at it in the Blizzard Launcher then there is a somewhat inconspicuous link that says “Beta Available”, and it’ll appear right below the “Visit diablo4. com”. You can click the “Beta Available” and it’ll change the version to Diablo IV - Beta.

Or you can find the “Game Version” dropdown and change it to Diablo IV - Beta.

Either way works, and after doing so the Install button should be enabled.


Checked this but for me there is no link under “Visit diablo4com”, the game version gives me only the D4 version, no beta - form the UK.

Which version of D4 did you buy ? Both Ultimate Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition give “Up to 4 Days Early Access​ to Diablo® IV”… but Standard Edition does not.

Ultimate back in December

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I clicked the download option for diablo 4 beta and when I click install the process comes up and just stays there showing the pic Diablo IV (Beta) Installation up top with the loading icon moving in circles leaving the “Start Install” button faded out. I closed it and also closed it by task manager to see if it would fix it but still keeps staying there and I leave it for a long period of time nothing changes. Any idea how to fix it?


this worked for me. Just had to change it to beta version.

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I am getting the error of Insufficient Disc Space. Got 2ea Samsung 980 pros on my mb slots. Other games are on there just fine along with 1.5TB of space available.

I have a question. If buy the game on my Xbox, will I be able to cross gen play on my PC also?

On the Xbox it says all the versions give access to beta test

Is it downloadable now?

March 16th, 8AM EST, still can’t download.

Anyone else getting “Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot.” ? i have scanned and repaired multiple times and uninstalled but nothing has worked.