COD Warzone: Scan and Repair loop / BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 Errors

Upon opening desktop app (windows 10), COD Warzone is doing an infinite loop of scan and repair. I already tried deleting IDX files in data folder as suggested by Blizzard, it’s still won’t work.


Hey there! This sort of behavior with the Desktop App can typically be resolved by performing a “clean re-installation”. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall the Blizzard App (skip Step 6 for now, we will re-install later).

  2. Next (before re-installing) let’s delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders in the Windows temporary file locations below. If you don’t see all 3 folders in each location, that is okay—just delete the folders you have):

    • Press Windows Key + R and type: %LOCALAPPDATA%. Delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders.
    • Repeat the process for %APPDATA%, %TEMP%, and %PROGRAMDATA%. Delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders.
  3. Finally, re-install the App.

Let us know how it goes!


Just reinstall the game. I tried evertything and nothing worked. I had this problem 3 days ago. The only solution was reinstall the game.


You mean REINSTALL 130 GB AGAIN???


I just wanted to add an additional step in case it might help with avoiding the need to reinstall the game again over the network. It may be a bit of a hit or a miss, but if it seems to help with the repair look, let us know!

Let’s try something a big more trick with the game installation.

  1. On the Blizzard Application, under the MW tab, go to Options > Show in Explorer.
  2. Move the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare folder out to the desktop or another location.
  3. Fully close the Blizzard Application.
  4. Relaunching it should say “Install” start the installation, and give it about a minute, then move the folder back into the install location.
  5. Give it a few and it should push the update.

If the errors or update issues continue, go to Options > Show in Explorer again, then delete or move the ModernWarefare(.exe) and Modern Warfare Launcher(.exe) files. Try testing the game again to see if it will repair the files and launch the game.

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i got the exact same problem , game was fine i tried scan and repair option ,
got a message that game installation was not good an needed a repair,
afterwards got infinite scans one after other and no updates whatsoever ,
i have done every single step pointed here with no good results so my only option right know it is to download the full 225 gb of modern warfare again ?
This its ridiculous from your side , you guys need to fix your blizzard application .


Facing the same issue for the past 2 days. Not able to play the game(warzone).
Game was working fine initially, but it would crash midway in game giving some dev 6### erorr. So I did a scan and repair and now I am not able to play the game.

Blizard app would give the below error

So i tried things like
Moving the game location to different folder and locate it from blizzard app
Uninstall warzone and Start installation first and overwrite the contents with previous backup halfway
Changing region and redo scan
Disable antivirus
Reinstall blizzard app

After all this Blizzard app was looping on Scan and Repair, so I deleted the IDX files in data folder.
Now i am back to same error

For once it became successful yesterday(after changing windows UAC settings to never notify). I was able to reach the warzone menu. I thought I fixed the issue, so to confirm that this fix would work again I tried to scan and repair again and the issue came back again :frowning:.

I must have done the scan and repair on warzone for some 20/25 times now.

Going through all the product support responses on here (why aren’t they on the office support article btw? do not help.
My game was freezeing momentarily every 5 seconds sometimes, so I thought I’d try the scan and repair. Guess what?! Totally unplayable now.
I see other threads from back in February indicating this was a problem then as well. For a game with a 200GB!!! download. Seriously?!
Craptivision strikes again!

I had the same issue last weekend, would reinstall shaders everytime I loaded into game and the fix used to be scan and repair once they installed and 30 mins later it’s fixed.

Last weekend tried it and everything else but the bb8 error popped every time, after 3 hours of wasting my time ( making change, flushing cache, idx files) and nothing working I reinstalled all 211 GB and played fine. New Nvidia driver installed last night and here come the shaders installing every load up, so I hit scan and repair and back to the bb8 error code. Never had this many issues with another game. 200+ gb installs as a work around is garbage. So I can start it up and wait 5-10 mins every time for shader installs. This is rediculous!!! Waiting while the game reinstalls again now, glad we get paid costumes and reskins as a priority and not a working app and game.

Had this problem, heres how i fixed it

  • Move the game folder to a different location (i didnt have enough space on my ssd, so i moved to to my internall hdd.)
  • Upon launching, it should tell you to install. Click install, and let it run for a couple minutes.
  • Pause the download. look inside the game folder: Call of Duty Mo…/Data/data/ You should see some IDX files, and maybe some data files (by data files i mean they are named data and the extension is some 3 digit number ex: data.123. They are all ~0.5GB - 1GB).
  • Now go to where you moved the game and copy all the data files back (~200 GB) (only the “data” files)
  • Unpause the download; it should start scanning, but it shouldnt be looped; after the scan completes it starts to download (for me it was ~200MB).
    hope this helps guys

I tried the copy file option, no luck for me there either. I’m convinced now that I’ve tried literally everything suggested and my ticket with Blizzard leads me back here. Pretty frustrated.

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Hey folks,

We have been getting more reports of this and would like to get some logs of what’s going on here to see if we can get some more insight into the problem. This doesn’t seem to be happening for everybody so we need to find out why it’s happening for those of you who it’s happening for. In the mean time, here’s some troubleshooting that you can try:

  1. If you get BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 errors when repairing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, try the troubleshooting in the link here. Keep in mind that not all BB8 errors are the same, so many of these will be fixed by the steps in this link.
  2. Once you have done all of this, reinstalling the game usually fixes this. We know that due to the size of the client, this is not an ideal work around, so please run the logs before doing this so we can look for the problem to help prevent future errors.

Edited: Previously we requested information for this issue, but we no longer need additional logs to be run. We’ve collected information from plenty of players for now. Thank you for all the reports!

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having the same problem. tried everything mentioned on the net. nothing worked. 4 hours of trying wasted. now reinstalling 110 gb. how this issue cant be solved at this moment.

Wonderful, I find myself having to re-install 210G of data while I’m in vdsl2, perfect!!!
Basically I’ll have to wait 48 hours to be able to play for a stupid mistake…
Why not refer to a real help page instead of the one that advises to uninstall and then re-install 210G…
You propose methods that we only discover after giving bad ones…

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Yeah, I tried this and now it appears to be in an infinite scanning loop, but it doesn’t throw any kind of error. I emailed the zip file from the log goblin to the email that customer support posted before I tried this. Hopefully it can get fixed soon. This is pretty frustrating and no game from Origin or Steam has ever done anything like this.

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Has anyone had a fix for this at all? Mine is in a infinite loop and wont come out of it!!! I really don’t have the option to redownload the whole game because I use my hotspot and can’t get wifi in my house… i have tried clearing all the caches and flushing my dns, uninstalling and reinstalling it, still nothing, I didn’t even try repair it or update the game it just randomly starting doing it, nothing is wrong with my firewall or antivirus so please don’t try say that… becoming overly unfair, I have over $200 in skins and camos on my account maybe you guys should get your crap sorted, we support your launcher and the game so give us some support and help us out or put an update out for your stupid launcher!!! Can’t stream now i can’t get into the game…

I’m redownloading the game right now, I won’t be able to try until this afternoon.

Super irritating that I have to clog up my internet connection for almost a full day to get this to work (if it works). I’ll definitely think twice before I get another game from Blizzard.

redownloaded the game and it is working for me.

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Redownloading and reinstalling the game fixed it for me too.

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I just did everything and now I’m reinstalling my game. Hopefully this fixes it because if not then I wasted so much time trying to fix this problem.

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