Boot loop fix? anyway around this?

I just bought it earlier this morning on the app and it downloaded from there after clicking INSTALL.

It’s version 1.09.2 as listed on the Bnet app. In-game it just says v.1.09.

It’s not blocked by Firewall. I checked that already. The single player didn’t work, but I used the Scan & Fix OPTION in the app and it said it fixed it. Now I can play single.

Selecting MP…there’s two in-game msgBox pop-ups. The first one says…

Checking for fastest server…

But, there’s a bunch of random letters all over it and it’s up for about .5 seconds and then…

The next msgBox is huge, almost half the game screen size and says it needs to update. When I click OK, it says it updated successfully and the game will now restart. That’s when it appears to run bnUpdate.exe and crashes out (unless it was already running, I don’t know when that launches.)

If I click to CANCEL the update, it just goes back to the MP game selection screen and the process just repeats.

Okay thanks. As long as it’s the version from the launcher, then it’s a legit problem that Bliz will need to resolve.

Bliz just posted this:

ill probably wont check by the reply cause u see im a lazy stoner but … u never know… i just saw tech support in green next to ur name ;+p

so what the (fournication under conscent of the king) is up with the validation glitch … it goes on and on and on and on like 4 fn times to juat retype password and validation gimic then the freaking window says all good with the darn thng is so long in height and thin/widness i cant reach loggin icon so close the )fournication under conscent of the king) window and restart the gimic over n over… then i must i must live a a good live … when im about to crack my crack pipe the (fournication under conscent of the king) thing manage to log in … wooptyfakin doo … seriousy peeps anoying as helll…
pardon my french … I AM FRENCH canandian and not sorry like the R.O.C. (rest of englos in canada)
cheers m8 sry for this rant had to git it off …
thx for the hard work making my day alot funner and being abke to socialise with newzealanders and aussies across the globe

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Short version: You need to edit your register database to add the GOG (Global) bnet server to be able to login.

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Here a detailed set of instructions on what to do:

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