Help! Since the newest patch in WoW I’ve been unable to load the game. Uninstalled & went to reinstall, keep getting stuck in the scanning/initializing loop & once it was finally starting to properly install WoW battlenet launcher crashes, won’t load (says can’t run on the computer?! it always has before) so i uninstall the launcher & try to reinstall the launcher & get this BLZBNTBTS0000005D error. Please help! I’ve been actively battling this since thursday & am at the end of my rope


Many players are having issues with trying to download stuff… there isn’t much info on the issue, aside from:

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I am having the same problem. :’( I wanna play diablo 2 lod remastered… wont load the app can play on my tablet hearthstone so I know the system is up and running some how. Prayers for gods speed you all of the righteous guiding light NHS educated minds law abiding always wins.