BLZBNTAGT00000960, game wont install

it wasnt launching but it was giving me this error, i uninstalled it hoping that would fix it but now it wont reinstall.


Same. I kept restarting the launcher but it won’t install. Can someone pls reply to this message and help us?


This forum is to report bugs with the Desktop App… if you want help, you need to use the Desktop App Technical Support forum.

  • There’s been many posts on that error… the main post seems to be this one:
    [Main Thread] - Won't install warzone - Blzbntagt00000960

  • Players appear to still get the error… even though Blizzard says a patch was released on 17 December 2021.

  • The solution here worked for a player I helped on the French forums. That solution didn’t work for others. :frowning:

Best of luck !

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