Battlenet asking me to purchase MW again?!

I recently had battlenet uninstalled and reinstalled into a new hard drive. When installing Call of Duty I only seem to have War Zone. I paid for Multiplayer and I saw an upgrade available button so I clicked it. It took me to the page to purchase MW Multiplayer again. What’s going on? What happened to my game?


Hey, melovated! Are you logged into the right account in the Blizzard Application? Checking the account here, I see Modern Warfare purchased last month. There was another account was recently logged into, but does not have the game license.

If you’re not sure or still need help with the issue, please contact our customer support team.

I am pretty upset at the moment, I hopped on for the first time in about a month. I started up a game of warzone with my friend after that, I wanted to play multiplayer modern warfare. I look to see that for some reason, I have to buy the game again. I’ve played it many times before and so I clearly own it. I have tried everything from resetting my computer to reinstalling my game, nothing seems to be working. I just want to play my game.

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i also am having this issue. i own cod mw and it is asking me to re purchase it

I have the same problem with cold war. i uninstalled it because it was stuck on fixing files then it started telling me to buy the game. btw i got it as a gift

also having this issue, I’m using the correct account too as I have all my weapon skins etc from playing mulltiplayer but now I dont own it anymore apparently

It’s with the Call of Duty : Warzone. Click Install, and on the next prompt at the top under “Game Content” click Modify Install, By default warzone will be checked off. but if you purchased the Game previously on that account, you will be able to check off Campaign, Multiplayer Etc. I was having similar issue, and that fixed it for me.

I am having the same issue as well. I haven’t purchased multiplayer on Blizzard but I logged into my activision account that had multiplayer. I was greeted by the buy multiplayer screen and when I went to see if all my loadouts were there they were. All my perks, weapon levels, everything. I tried to see if I could download the Multiplayer pack through the modify install but every box except for warzone was grayed out. Please help me fix this issue as I have just gotten a new PC just to play Modern Warfare Multiplayer on your launcher.

same problem here, i buyed the game in dicember. I only want to play, i never buy another game with

Same problem. Its honestly sad how many people have this problem. You would think they fixed it already

same problem here… idk what is going on , i sent a ticket to the support…