Battle app *whoops something broke* update/repair loop

So I was trying to play wow classic, game was stuck on loading the game on login screen ingame, and DCs every time. Go to retail, works fine. Use repair tool on WoW classic, get the whoops something broke error, then try to repair again, same thing. Go to retail and now it is stuck in this loop and cannot play ether or. Tried everything in the book from uninstalling everything literally, disabling security/protection, ran as admin etc.


Hey there!

This specific error and behavior with the Desktop App is typically caused by a conflicting third-party program such as an anti-virus, or a corrupted local or game files. Let’s try clearing the “Indicies” for the game, which should force the app to scan the game files and resume the update:

  1. Open the Blizzard desktop app.
  2. Select the game in the row of games at the top of the App.
  3. Click Options and select Show in Explorer.
  4. Open the game folder, then open the Data folder.
  5. Locate and delete the indices sub-folder.
  6. Return to the app and click Options > Scan and Repair.

If that doesn’t work, to rule out corrupted files on your computer, try re-installing the Desktop App with these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Blizzard App (skip Step 6 for now, we will re-install later).

  2. Next (before re-installing) let’s delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders in the Windows temporary file locations below. If you don’t see all 3 folders in each location, that is okay—just delete the folders you have):

    • Press Windows Key + R and type: %LOCALAPPDATA%. Delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders.
    • Repeat the process for %APPDATA%, %TEMP%, and %PROGRAMDATA%. Delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders.
  3. Finally, re-install the App.

I hope this does the trick! Let us know if you have questions going forward.

Didn´t work for me. Still having the same issue…

After reinstalling Bnet app it was in the older version and still had the same error.

Did you submit a ticket? Did you get a reply or another fix? Please post if you do, I will do the same. Thx for your input!

No, didn´t submit a ticket.
Reinstalled the game and it´s fixed.