Automated Suspensions

Blizzard recently stated that their suspensions are not automated. I want to submit a bug report as the statement is false. If a group of players mass report you first offense = 7 day silence, second = 14 day silence, third = 30 day silence, fourth = 8 day ban. I’ve been submitting tickets to CS as an account I no longer play on is a victim of mass reports. I had to abandon a 10 year old account because someone form an old guild didn’t like me. The account emails are still being sent to me stating I’ve violated the game TOS and actions have been taken. I haven’t logged onto the account in 76 days.

This forum is for the API that addons and third party sites use. It is not to discuss policy or bugs within games.

I don’t know what game you have an issue with, but the way to deal with any suspension is an appeal ticket.

If you play WoW and have policy questions you can post on the Customer Support forum. That serves as an Information Desk and can help you figure out the next steps you might need to take.

I do not have any suspensions or appeals to be had. I’m referring to Blizzard as a whole. The mass report feature is an issue. Where do I go to report it? Recent articles came out from Blizzard saying account actions are not automated. I want to prove to you it is. I have contacted customer support and they advised me to make a reddit post. I can provide proof if necessary. It seems that there’s no place to report bullying/harassment/mass reporters. Seems there’s no place to report the abuse of mass reporting either. This stems to ALL Blizzard games.