Attention blizzard

Dear Blizzard,

I don’t know if you guys are working on a fix for these massive wait times on Diablo 2. You’re making it seem like you don’t care, that’s for sure.
Many people have been complaining on the forums and I haven’t seen one response from an admin at all.
Diablo 2 is my favorite Diablo game, many people enjoy it, but these wait times to make a game is making it pretty difficult to want to play. Many people have paid money for this game, sometimes even multiple times!
For you to sit back and just let people complain, not saying anything, not caring, makes me want to question how you feel about us players as a whole. Do you even care that we support you? Or do you see us as just people who you can swipe money from?

Anyway, these Diablo 2 wait times are getting really out of hand, can someone please reply to this thread and give us an update or if you’re even trying to fix the problem? Personally, I, personally, won’t accept a copy and paste format.

If you really care about your community, please show us that you do.

Every Diablo2 East Ladder Player.


remember dude Diablo 2 is a single player game with the “option”to go online and as for the wait times you have to blame all the people that are hacking running robots using third-party websites to sell blizzard IP Cheating has straight up kill this game online And worst case scenario click uninstall Diablo two and MoveOn

Yeah it would be great if you all at blizzard can help on these long wait times for creating a game. I just recently got back into the game and still love playing Diablo 2 Lod. I hope yall can help with this. Thank you in advance.

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i bought this game to play online as advertised stop with this “option to go online” do u work for blizzard cuz u sound like a lil snake lmaooo… the game offered online and it works like shiz so i want my damn money back f u mean lmao


Yeah I haven’t been able to create games for days, can’t get respones via ticket, my tickets just keep getting deleted. Have literally never had this problem until this season, I wouldn’t expect an actual explanation, just based off experience.

I’d also like to hear from someone at Blizzard. This is a NEW issue - has only been happening for the last couple of months, and not 100% of the time. The queues to create games can get as high as 4,000+.

I understand this is a legacy game with no ongoing revenue stream for Blizzard, but hope that they have enough respect for their long-time players (remember this game is 20 years old…) to at least be honest and open if they are planning to discontinue online access.

Simply abandoning and ignoring the best entry in one of their tent-pole series and hoping the fans migrate to more profitable products isn’t good business; it won’t make us play (awful, boring) D3 any more and won’t impact whether or not we download D4. It’s just disrespectful and dishonest.


So much this! You nailed it 100%!!


Take east down, don’t bring it back until theres a fix for [Removed].
This should clear up alot of the que times.
Have a short ladder, reset it in a month.
Have the community come back.

There has to be people smart enough at blizzard to download , run it in game, and find a solution to detect it on warden??

[Removed by Blizzard - we are aware that botting is a large part of this issue. Don’t provide botting software more publicity please.]

But then again theres no money to be made for Blizzard, so why should they care about this old game?

It’s not about the game itself. Its about Blizzard as a whole… if we can’t trust them to take care of us with this problem, how can we trust they will take care of us later?


Yes please Blizzard look into the wait times for Diablo 2 making and creating games.


Start another Ban-Wave of Bots! I miss a few ladders ago when they went hard on them… Ladder is so much better without Bots…


We have multiple threads on this already. Please don’t duplicate threads. If you’re on US East, US West, or Europe use this one instead:

And this one is for the Asia realm which is a slightly different, but related problem:

That did not answer my question.
You simply used the copy and paste method and I said I would not accept it. Now, we THE REAL DIABLO 2 PLAYERS would like to see that you still care about us! Get these wait times taken care of!!!

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Welp there goes our blue post for the month. Better luck getting something coherent in August… saying over and over you are looking into something is not an update or at all helpful. Pointing us to another thread you are neglecting? What does that accomplish? Tell the community what you are doing to fix the problems and take action. We understand that this game is not pulling in money like your other products but I’m sure 90% of us human players would be willing to contribute in some way to fix the problem and keep the servers maintained at a playable level. Whatever you’ve done in the last few months has just made the experience for actual players much worse. I can live with the bots as long as I can actually play the game too… Do you have no shame? Does the D2 community not matter to you anymore? How can it be acceptable to neglect the community, even on the official forums on your website? This whole debacle is losing you your most loyal fans, those that have stuck around 20 years now. This is just embarrassing.


Its already been a week and they have done diddly squat, if you want to make a statement boycott d4.

dang i was hoping this was fixed but looks like it may never be… rip d2

This is exactly the problem. You just copy and paste this same reply every time someone complains about it without ANY real information provided. At least say something like we are sorry but we are still working on it, and it will make people feel a bit “not ignored”.

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You know I’m wondering if we blow the forum post up with more and more maybe just maybe we might get one of them at blizzard and help us out with these longgggggggggg waiting times. Instead of this bot saying we can’t be doing this cause its already open in another spot

Once again, we are not going to split our messaging. Use the appropriate threads so that we can ensure these are being appropriately tracked and so that we can update all of you at once when we have updates.

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