English Speaker confused

How come most groups don’t like playing with people from Ragnaros?

Lots of reasons. I have been playing since end of WOTLK on retail and let me tell you my experience.

  • Majority of people from Ragnaros don’t speak English so if the group have a strategy for the dungeon/raid he won’t understand it.
  • Ragnaros people play with way more latency than normal players, take for instance people from Chile and Argentina get to 150-250ms so chance of them dying are higher, or even DCing
  • This one doesn’t happen that often anymore since they changed the loot system but most of the Ragnaros groups were ninjing gear back then, ruining the reputation of the server.
  • This is a funny one, but most people from US believe is real. They think having a player from Ragnaros will lag them, but we actually don’t have a server on Latin America.

So yeah, not saying there’s no good players on Ragnaros, but on average you might get people lagging, not understanding you. Also the fact that you have this own question on the forum is because this reputation made a lot of racism against Ragnaros players making some people in the lfgs making Ragnaros players just leave because they don’t want to be treated badly. This generated an endless cycle of hate between Ragnaros and non-Ragnaros players.
Anyways that’s all I know from back then to this day. I don’t have to deal with this anymore since people look at your IO/rating and I speak english. Hope that answered your question Catdots.

1 "Me gusta"

Cauz we’re latinamerican.
At the game you can’t see people skin colour. Or know their religion. Or their political position, or their gender option.
Oh! latinamericans! > intolerance.