Zul'Gurub Opens April 15

Thank you for the info! :slight_smile:


Kaivax, does this mean that the ZG instance will reset Saturday April 18th at 3PM PST? Or are the resets linked to another timer?

Sick!! Dragons that will get killed at 4 A.M. that most players will never see !!!


Lol right? you shoulda seen the first azuregos on my server, literally 200 horde and atleast 200 alliance versus azuregos, we won somehow, no idea how really, our servers best tank is kinda a monster.

Never even heard, or seen, or overheard talk about Kazzak. apparently his loot is extremely overpowered because blizzard realized even back then in 2003-2004 nobody would ever see him lol
apparently he drops shadow caster legs with 64 shadow damage… that’s insane

new hats for everyone!

I wish we wouldn’t rush so much.

We’re making all the same “progression raiding is everything” mistakes that led to the fall of Retail as an enjoyable game. Before you know it we’ll all be downgrading to BC.

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Thanks Dad!

Timeline has followed vanilla.

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Wasn’t ZG to help gear people to progress through BWL? It is harder than MC but not as hard of a gear check as BWL? This means AQ around Christmas, Naxx around summer 21 and tbc no sooner than christmas 21, maybe even spring or summer 22.

Can you please tell us wtf is gonna happen with AQ gates on dead servers that only have 1 side

in a few years they’ll pop open by themselves. probably around BC release.

This I can agree with I started in TBC and a bud of mine was in during Vanilla, when TBC hit and he seen leather gear for boomy he was shocked.


Originally AQ came out 6 months after BWL, which would put AQ sometime in August.

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I can’t tell what I’m more excited for!? ZG, massive Qs or the lack of communication from Blizzard about it all!

maybe Blizzard should shutdown over the crisis…they’re nonessential afterall.
the queues would vanish instantly. Along with the game.


I’ve updated the OP in this thread.


Kaivax, does that mean Rockfury bracers will be obtainable by mages? What about brilliant wizard oil and sandworm meat +20 str food?


Based off their post it sounds like it’ll be something more like phase 4.5. “stiring” has me thinking the CC rep will be farmable realistically sometime down the road. Obviously I would love to get my earthstrike and farm rockfury for my mage.