Zul'Gurub Opens April 15

Timing is too confusing. We must have agreement with all players! Split it by battlegroup!!


edgeofmadnesscalendar dot com I hope to get it updated for the release on the 15th!

Could you do something about the fact that you put 5-10X the people on a server, but you didn’t adjust world bosses 5-10X the respawn? This is not the classic experience.


Plans to add realm and month selection for next week. Once I know the first eom boss spawn it will be accurate going forward.

Tiger King has entered the game.

Here’s a hot take…



when will you guys split premades and pugs? it’s annoying AF, Blizzard please make this change. This is a completely unfair system and the current system does not help the existing landscapes. people have changed and its all about min maxing rather than fun. So kindly do this split, its impossible to play. We will take longer queues than this continuous stomping by premades.

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Still no queue fix, login at 1pm EST or wait 4+ hours.

Servers run like complete garbage since day 1.

Bots/multiboxers cheating and abusing the economy.

Kaivax shows up once every 3 months to talk about what kind of pizza he likes and copy/pastes a blue post. Useless support/CM. There’s forum script bots that can do that job.

Literal garbage production going on here but hey, ZGs out.


So, just went thru the loot list for ZG… WHERE THE HELL IS THE BALANCE DRUID GEAR???
Why am I having to wear cloth to get spell power cause all the druid gear is freakin healing only gear?!?
Why make a class capable of doing something like range casting and then handcuff them by making no end game gear for them?!?


What’s wrong with the queues?


Any chances to have Corrupted Blood?

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You must be new here


Where’s the announcement for free server transfers?

Nor did they adjust resources (herbs, etc.) to match the new populations.

There’s a giant blue thread about it, although it isn’t stickied for some reason.

fix your q blizz

There is always some douche like yourself on these things… :yawn:

i mean the loot tables have been out for like 15 years

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It’s how classic was. They had no idea what to do with balance etc even though it was pretty obvious. Sadly you’ll be wearing mostly cloth.


That is how it was in Vanilla.

TBC expanded the armor sets for feral, balance, and shamans and paladins in TBC.