Zul'Gurub Opens April 15

Imagine playing Classic in 2020

Will the Abyssal Lords be summon-able?

will Brood Head quest be out?

it was beautiful

It’s time blizzard did a balance patch, the differential between classes and roles is far too significant. The #nochanges argument doesnt solve anything. A buff to ret and prot pallies, druids, is a simple requirement. The fact you can do EVERYTHING possible and cant even get to do 40% the dps of another class is a joke. If this was occurring in any other live game it would be one of the major things to address, yet the attitude of no changes basically helps ruin the game. Seems redundant. Time to do better Blizzard. It really wouldn’t take that much to improve those classes. Reduce cast times, give one extra talent, or make them do more raw damage, fix scaling issues. Something, Anything, please!!!


Please do not release Rockfury and Earthstrike already.

I mean they didn’t phase the MC epics like onslaught and other high tier items like they said they would prior to classic launch. Might as well give people something to farm


Imagine Classic being more popular than Retail in 2020

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meanwhile 2021…nobody left in classic. retail popping as always.

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Such a simple adjustment like making all the druid gear that is healing only do spell damage and healing would be all that we need.
Not that hard a task Blizzard!!!

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Pushing AQ so soon ? , 90% of the population isn’t even remotely ready for AQ , the sweaty try hards perhaps.

With this though, some people are thinking AQ sometime in May / June, which again would way to soon since 90% of the population ingame isn’t even remotely ready for AQ

Shouldn’t be, just the Abyssal quests. The Brood quests were all part of the gate chain and didn’t come out till 1.9 in Vanilla. This patch ends at 1.8

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But hey, #nochanges. Well done blizzard.

I’m pretty much BWL bis already

I apologize if I missed in the thread but am I to presume that the Zandalar Tribe reputation quests on Yojamba Isle will open at the same time as ZG?

They did this. It was called The Burning Crusade. The same massive changes to the systems of the game that needed to take place and could not during the orginal game.

Not sure why people dont understand this.


we are on the same release schedule as vanilla. ZG comes out basically to the day the same amount of time after BWL launched. AQ was 4 months after ZG

it will be in mid/late august

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Lol every expansion has progressively gotten worse after wotlk. I’d argue that the majority of the player base actually enjoy the game.

Actually legion and BFA have been amazing. best since BC.