Zskera Vault: Az No Bubble Lifter

My vault does not have the bubble lifter device on the bottom floor, and there is no room to find a key for it either. I currently cannot progress the doors on the fourth floor due to this issue.


I am having the same issue. Worked fine for my friend, but mine is not in the vault.

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Can confirm, on my main I do have the bubble lifter, on alt dont


Still an issue


I’m having this issue too on one of my characters. I was able to get to the higher floors with the random teleport scroll but it’s a pain in the butt, and takes forever to get where you want to go. I don’t know if it’s intended but I have no alchemy room/bubble lifter or naga room to get the bubble key. If this was intended Boo on you Blizzard for poor design.


Same - no bubble lifter on my main, but I do have the bubble lifter on my alt. Been using the scroll, too, to get around, but it’s frustrating that I can’t navigate normally.

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Glad to know I’m not just crazy. I had no idea the bubble lifter was a thing until I googled the Vaults since I knew using the random teleport scroll couldn’t possibly be the way to actually do it! Hope it gets fixed soon.


Hello I also did not have the bubble lifter, I managed to bypass this by using the teleporter found on the second floor, you can throw up up levels just have to be patient with it and get good angles, super annoying though. Good Luck!

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Same issue most of my toons have the lift but of course my healer does not. Please fix Blizz…

I don’t think this is a bug. The layouts were different on all my alts. Some had the bubble lift, some didn’t. I opened every door on my main without it, so it’s not like it’s required.


Same here. My friend has one but not me. Great design fail

So if it’s not a bug, how do you get to the other levels ???

Same here, I can’t get to the upper levels

Ive done the vault on three toons now…and dont have a clue what a “bubble lift” is…

the teleporter (but only one of my toons found the repair tools), the waygate beacon thing (easiest, just got to play with angles), the random teleport scroll (most annoying one)

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Neither of my toons had the bubble lift. My shaman had the teleporter and the scroll but I’ve opened all the doors on floors one and two on my demon hunter and none of htem contain teleporter, scroll, or waygate to go up.

I used the teleport scroll.


I thought I was doing something wrong…I have no bubble lifter. I didn’t even know what the bubble lifter was, until I watched a YouTube video on it. I’ve opened every door on the first 2 floors, and now I can’t proceed any higher. I guess I’m stuck now? I think I did have the teleport scroll once, I’ll have to see how to get it again…

Without the bubble lift, I still ended up getting all doors open though it was a royal pain.

I had access to the random teleport scroll and also the dragon rocket things. They are in the same room as the fake Blingtron guy.

With the rockets you can shoot across the room and access all doors.

It’s very frustrating when you have to go around to various levels to collect the stuff you need. You just have to pray that the teleport scroll doesn’t take you ages to get to the floor that you need.

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I’ve done on a few toons, and one of them had different rooms - it didn’t have a bubble lifter, but did have a room where I repaired a teleporter. I got a portable teleporter (not the random scroll), which I used instead of the jump to get from platform to platform.

Not having the bubble lifter, I tried targeting the edge of a ledge on the next level up, and I was able to find some I could put the personal teleporter on and use that to change levels (as well as hop from platform to platform)

Hope this helps someone?

The bubble lifter isn’t required, as others have mentioned. If you don’t have it (I haven’t had it on two characters) or the waygate, the teleport scroll is your only method. It really isn’t that bad since it has no cooldown. Once you’re on the level you need or above it, click off the buff and use the gust potion ability to travel between doors. If you’re trying to use only the teleport scroll to get to every door, you’re just making it harder on yourself.