Zone Overview: Enter the Emerald Dream

Zone Overview: Enter the Emerald Dream

Discover the Emerald Dream—a verdant and powerful place that serves as a source of life and hope and is essential to Azeroth's continued survival.

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But does it have water you can walk on?


LOL I see what you did there.


I am dumb. What did my Paladin colleague “do there?”

(And no I won’t ask him, I don’t want him to hear me and think I am dumb, ok? So let’s just keep this between us)

This zone is beautiful and whoever designed deserve an award nomination.


A zone entirely desighned around timegating disabled people from being able to fly, how fun.


From what I have seen on the ptr, the zone is beautiful and a welcome relief from the usual barren wasteland that has largely been the fate of most end-game zones (Zerith Mortis notwithstanding).

Though I am displeased with the Night Elf story and it’s apparent disappointing conclusion, that story does not dominate the narrative, and I find this corner of the Emerald Dream to be pleasant, almost “dawn-like” in comparison to Ardenweald’s “twilight.”

My recommendation to players is to take your time and explore all the nooks and crannies. You will find little tidbits to interact with along the way. And if you come across seeds, don’t do anything with them until you come across the introductory quests. Because you could easily get a seed, plant it, and then get a quest to find a seed and plant it.


Zereth Mortis was a really cool unique zone that was beautifully designed. It had an elegance to it, like that of a place that has been long forgotten and left to age with remnants and relics of the past. Lots of cool creatures/inhabitants in that zone as well.

When they introduced zereth mortis, one of their selling points was that you could walk on the water. Which was one of the silliest things honestly to have as a main talking point for the zone.


Oh wow. Thank you for informing.

Yeah, as a DK especially I found the “you can walk on the water!!” bit about Zereth Mortis particularly hilarious. Though in honesty, I did enjoy the zone. Visually quite nice. That and my toddler at the time was obsessed with balls, so she would want me to fly around what she called, “ball world” (a very accurate descriptor of ZM).


Zeroth Orbis

I played it in June after coming back from 2 year sabbatical.

That’s a great story about your toddler!

I don’t need to tell you but cherish that stuff.

It’s either timegating or people feeling bad about falling behind the crowd. :dracthyr_comfy_sip: Most players, especially casual players, benefit from a degree of gating, and most players are casual.

“Discover the emerald dream” Blizz we’ve been here HOW many times now? What discovery is there?




Is NARF Australian slang?

Ah, green! (happy)

(last time I said I wanted to see more green in the game, we got Argus; I’ve tried to be more careful with my wishes since then)


More Pinky and the Brain :grin:


This isn’t my ‘Emerald Dream’.


I’m an unapologetic fan of the “WoW Look”, which we just get yet more of here. And that’s fine by me. The Moon Wells look like they’re uplifted straight out of WC3, and to me, that’s a feature.

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